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The Vampire Queen & Rowan, Immortal Creatures of the Night

Not uncommon in the magical world, Immortality is a magical gift that offers never-ending life allowing a being to live for eternity, having an unending existence. Immortality spans a plethora of magical creatures ranging from Vampires to various Upper-Level Demons such as Belthazor and the Seer to Angelic Beings such as the Angel of Death and Whitelighters, and will hinder the ageing process in some cases.

Although immortality allows beings to be impervious to natural death, immortals can often be killed with powerful vanquishing potions, spells, weapons or rituals, requiring the Power of Three. Vampires however, can be destroyed via a stake through the heart.

The Auger Shell[]


The shell sucks a Mermaid's Immortality from her

A mystical magical shell that has the ability to suck immortality from living creatures such as Mermaids that can then be pulled out and absorbed by other beings.

The Sea Hag[]

A vile evil woman that preyed on Mermaids, the Sea Hag tricked many Mermaids into giving her their immortality in exchange for the opportunity to find love and become human. The Hag bartered with the demon Necron, offering her a Mermaid's immortality in exchange for her life. She was later found out and destroyed by the Charmed Ones as was Necron.


Immortal creatures of the night, not only possess the power but they can also bestow immortality on beings that they feed on; by draining the blood from the victim and then having them kill a human seals the Vampiric conversion, offering immortality to the newly transformed Vampire.

Paige's Transformation[]

In 2002, Paige Matthews was attacked by a swarm of bats that transformed her into a Vampire, however, before her first kill, the Vampire Queen was destroyed and Paige was reverted to her normal self.

Notable Beings that Possess Immortality[]

  • The Angel of Destiny: Cosmic Beings responsible for protecting the Grand Design
  • Anton: A powerful warlock that persuaded Pearl Russell to the dark side
  • The Avatars: Cosmic Beings that desire creating a world beyond Good and Evil
  • Barbas: The Demon of Fear
  • The Cleaners: Imbued with power by the Tribunal to prevent the exposure of Magic
  • Cupids: Beings of Love responsible for instilling love and passion in living beings
  • Demons: Agents of Evil, hellbent on spreading darkness among humanity
  • The Elders: Cosmic Beings, the leaders of the Whitelighters
  • Mermaids: Sea dwelling beings with the body of a woman and the tail of a fish
  • The Sandman: Beings responsible for ensuring living beings dream
  • Warlocks: Agents of Evil, desire to capture and kill good witches to obtain power
  • Whitelighters: Cosmic Beings responsible for guiding and protecting good witches
  • Wood Nymphs: Protectors of the Forest and Guardians of the Eternal Spring