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Most often possessed by demons and evil beings, Incineration is a magical ability allowing the bestowed to burn the flesh of their victims.


The first Darklighter encountered by the Halliwell sisters displayed a power referred to as the "Touch of Death" that had the ability to incinerate his victims entire body with a touch of his hand. Prue Halliwell was able to exchange powers with the Darklighter and she placed her hand on his chest focusing all her hatred on him, causing his flesh to burn off his body, eventually incinerating his bones as well.


Lured by the Ice Cream Man onto a magical playground, Ari was a demonic child that Prue and Phoebe Halliwell accidentally released from the playground. When the Ice Cream Man tried to capture Ari and bring him back into the playground, Ari grabbed his arms, burning them with his ability of incineration.

The Kevmay[]

A low-level breed of demon recognizable by their grand stature, the Kevmay display the ability to incinerate human flesh with their eyes. This was revealed after Piper Halliwell tracked a Kevmay to a warehouse and blew him up; she returned to Halliwell Manor where she read from the Book of Shadows that they could incinerate human flesh, and she commented that it must sting.

The Source of All Evil[]

The ruler of the Underworld and of all evil beings, The Source is one of the most powerful demons. One among his many powers is incineration, but his verion is through his pyrokinesis. With a single intense stare or a wave of hand, he can send up other beings in flames.