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Innes House
Location Information
Original Owner Councilman Daniel Innes
Current Owner Murray Burns
Construction Date Circa 1887
Style Eastlake Victorian
Street Carroll Avenue
House Number 1329
District Echo Park
Neighborhood Angelino Heights
City Los Angeles
State California
Country United States of America
Zip Code 90026

Popularly known as Halliwell Manor or Halliwell House, the Innes House is the former home of San Franciscan councilman Daniel Innes.

The home is located at 1329 Carroll Avenue in the Angelino Heights district in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.


The porch of the home

The house displays some Japanese decoration in the architecture of the porchwork and was built in the Eastlake Victorian style - a style that is popular in the Angelino Heights district of Los Angeles, California. The house also has art glass panes on the upper halves of the windows and a handcarved balustrade.

Owners of the Home[]

Daniel Innes and his family occupied the home for over thirty years from its conception in c. 1887 to about 1920. In 1920, the house's second owner purchased the home and remained there until his death in 1971. The second owner, name unknown, added several features to the home, including a wine cellar. The house is currently owned by Murray Burns, also known as W.J. Heffernan.


The Innes House, as well as all the other houses found on the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue from Edgeware to Douglas Street belong to the American National Register of Historic Places.

It was declared a historic place on February 3, 1971.

Kidnapping of Phoebe Halliwell[]


Phoebe Halliwell

In May 2006, an item ran on regarding the Innes House, its possible tenants, its owner, and an incident involving local cops investigating a report that a woman named Phoebe Halliwell had been kidnapped from the premises. Of course, the woman in question doesn't actually exist.

The Defamer web-posting and its ensuing comments raise the issue of owner Burns' use of the house for film shoots, and whether or not there is a tenant on the premises who rents the upstairs. Regardless, Burns also allows Conservancy tour-takers to enter this house and view the downstairs.



Before being painted red

  • As Daniel's family's shoe store, the Innes Shoe Store prospered in downtown San Francisco, the family became one of the first Blue Book families of Los Angeles.
  • The current owner, Murray Burns, also owns The Heim House found at 1320 Carroll Avenue.
  • Halliwell Manor shares the same house number (1329) as the Innes House but on the show the home is on Prescott Street in San Francisco.