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Kama in Cupid's Temple

Ethereal, cosmic and beautiful, Kama is a member of the Cupid species of magical beings.[1]

Quick Facts[]

Name: Kama
Species: Cupid
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Indian

Kama and Coop[]

When Phoebe Halliwell's husband, Coop arrived at Cupid's Temple after an infant's funeral, Kama told Coop that she didn't think that he would make it to the Temple in time.


Kama and Coop talk

Coop questioned Kama asking her if she ever knew him to miss an assignment. Kama then expressed her concern for Coop's methods, telling him that she understood he was the only "working dad" amongst the Cupids but he was unsure what to expect from him these days.

She told him that his focus has been split lately and that she understood being married to a Charmed One takes a toll but being a Cupid was still very important. Coop then told her that his heart wasn't into collecting new Cupid recruits.


A new Cupid is created and emerges from the pool

Kama then helped him transfer the soul of the female infant that passed away into a newly formed baby Cupid. She recited a short verse and the baby Cupid emerged from a pool of water. Kama then suggested that maybe he would do better in the nursery rather than recruiting new agents. Coop agreed telling Kama it was a job he would gladly perform but she didn't say whether she would let him do the job.

Kama's Recitation[]


Kama and Coop place their hands in the pool while she recites a verse

Upon transferring the infant's soul into a newly formed Cupid, Kama recited a short verse while she and Coop placed their hands in a pool of water. The verse read:

Child taken from your family too soon,
Rise up to spread the love passed onto you
Through sadness and share it in joy.

Kama Warns Coop About His Family[]

When Kama discovered that Coop met members of his family, the Coopersmiths, and tried to intervene in their relationship using his powers on them, she warned him that Cupids are not supposed to intervene in their familial problems or use their powers on family members because doing so could bring about disastrous results.


  • The name "Kama" comes from "Kama Sutra", an ancient Indian-Hindu text regarding human sexual behavior. This reflects Kama's duty as a Cupid, a being responsible for love.