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The Kazi Demon on his knees in the Crystal Cage explaining that the Crone is behind their senses being stolen

Base-Level Warriors possessing overwhelming physical strength and grand stature, Kazi Demons will often use their power of Pressurization to kill a victim internally by causing veins and arteries to protrude and burst.

Quick Facts[]

Also Known As: Kazi Warriors
Species: Demon
Level: Base
Created By: Kazi King
Physical Characteristics: Brown/black skin, muscular stature
Magical Abilities: Pressurization, Immense Physical Strength, Teleportation
Distant Relatives: Swarm Demons, Vampires, The Seekers
Distinction: Grand Physical Stature, Illiterate

Distant Relatives[]

Considered to be distant relatives of Swarm Demons, Kazis are hive demons created from a Kazi King just as Swarm Demons are created from a Swarm King; killing a Kazi King will obliterate all his drone warriors. Kazis are also distantly related to Vampires and the Seekers.[1][2][3]

Paige Matthews is Attacked by a Kazi Demon[]

In 2003, while Charmed One Paige Matthews was on a date in Halliwell Manor with Nate Parks, a Kazi Demon launched a surprise attack on her using his power of pressurization. Mid-attack, Paige deterred the Kazi by Orbing away and prevented him from killing her. Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt showed up, however, the Kazi was not destroyed but Brought back to life by the evil crone witch. [4]

Phoebe Halliwell is Attacked by a Kazi Demon[]

While in the attack trying to determine the cause for the removal of their senses, a Kazi launched a surprise attack on the Charmed Ones wherein which he attack Phoebe in the same way he attacked Paige, using his power of pressurization in an attempt to kill Phoebe. He was thwarted by Piper Halliwell.

Paige Matthews Captures a Kazi Demon[]

After she and her sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, had their senses stolen by The Crone via a powerful magical artifact known as the Monkey Totem, the Kazi attacked the girls but Paige Matthews captured the Kazi Demon by setting up a Crystal Cage in the Attic of Halliwell Manor. Unable to converse properly with the Kazi Warrior due to her lack of speech, Paige tried to find out who stole their senses by questioning the Kazi via a note pad. But because Kazis are illiterate, the captured warrior was unable to understand what Paige wanted from him. Paige also continued to punish the demon by shocking him due to her frustration with his lack of cooperation. Phoebe Halliwell realized that the warrior was unable to read and then she asked him who stole their senses. He informed them it was a centuries old Seer known solely as The Crone.


The Crone destroyed the Kazi King while in his lair ultimately killing the Kazi Warrior captured by the Charmed Ones.


An important note to be made about Kazi Demons is that they are illiterate beings who are unable to read.[5]


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