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Kensington Bank
Bank 1
Location Information
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America
Paige Matthews was held hostage with Henry Mitchell and Billie Jenkins at this bank. Paige also first used her Healing powers on her own on Henry after he was shot here.

Proper name Kensington Street Bank, Kensington Bank is a financial institution located in San Francisco, California.

Nick Edwards[]

A war veteran and ex-prisoner that tried to acquire a loan from the bank with the assistance of Henry Mitchell and Paige Matthews, Nick Turner turned on the loan officer and everyone in the bank when he was refused a loan because of his past history.

He crashed his car into the bank and held a gun at a bank employee demanding money from them as Paige, Henry and Billie Jenkins stood by unable to convince him to stop. But as Paige and Henry were close to talking Nick to give up, Henry was shot and a Possessor Demon, Rohtul possessed Nick.

Billie created a potion that created a cloud of smoke and she and Paige swapped identities, glamouring into one another and Rohtul then grabbed Billie, not realizing that she was really Paige and returned to Magic School, but he was quickly vanquished.