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Exiled from the Underworld years ago by The Source of All Evil for inciting a failed coup of evil beings against him, Kurzon's goal was to kill the Source and become Leader of the Underworld. Kurzon's method of attack was the launching of Fire Balls at his victims.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Demon Level: Upper Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: White Powers: Fire Balls

The Seer[]

In 2002, Kurzon partnered with the centuries old advisor to Source's of All Evil, The Seer in an attempt to become the new Leader of the Underworld after the previous Source was vanquished by the Charmed Ones. However, Kurzon was not privy to the Seer orchestrating events so that Cole Turner would inherent the Source's power upon his vanquish a few weeks prior.

Phoebe's Future Life[]

Kurzon attempted to attack the sisters at Halliwell Manor and got into an argument with Cole. The two began to fight and just as Kurzon planned to stab Cole, Phoebe's future life stepped between the two demons and was stabbed in the back; ultimately killing her. The Charmed Ones then cast a spell to Vanquish Kurzon.

Vanquish Spell[]

The spell used to vanquish the demon was written by the Charmed Ones, it reads thusly:

Hell Threw you from its Inner Core,
But Earth won't hold you Anymore,
Since Heaven cannot be your Place,
Your Flesh and Blood we now Erase!

The Book of Shadows[]

After learning Kurzon was attempting to manuever his way into being Leader of the Underworld, the Charmed Ones found an entry about Kurzon in the Book of Shadows. The page was emphasized by a colored illustration of Kurzon's face in the center surrounded by a short description of his history. The entry read:


An extremely powerful demon, Kurzon is an enemy of
The Source who was banished from the Underworld for
inciting a failed coup. Although exiled, Kurzon also
tried to destroy The Source and
take over the Underworld.
He is too dangerous
to be trusted.