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Godiva arrives in the twenty-first century

Challenging her husband's unjust taxing of the peasants in Coventry in the eleventh century, Lady Godiva was a mortal woman who rode atop a white horse, naked, in order to protest the taxes and show her husband how serious she was on her stance against taxation. Ultimately, her husband, Leofric, Earl of Mercia, agreed to tax reduction.

Quick Facts[]

Name: Godiva
Species: Mortal
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White

Summoned into the Twenty-First Century[]


Within the walls of Magic School, Paige Matthews argued with Odin, an Elder about keeping the school open to guide magical children and teenagers into their powers. As she argued with Odin, a student, Duncan found an entry in a book on Lady Godiva and conjured her into existence. She appeared atop a white horse, naked, the only thing covering her, was her long blonde hair and next to her, a non-corporeal man, known as Lord Dyson, appeared.


Paige told Duncan to send her back, but he told her that he didn't know how to send her back, he only knew how to conjure. Paige told him that she would find a solution and send her back to her own time. She took a robe from a teacher to cover up Godiva as Odin asked her if she was who she thought she was. Paige explained it was and Odin told her they needed to get her back to her own before anything happened to her; if anything did happen it could changed to course of history.

Paige then told all the male students to quit crowding Godiva and to go away and covered her up with the teacher's robe as Godiva stood by the wall using a curtain to cover herself. Godiva asked her where she was and what place she was in but Paige told her everything would be fine and they would take her back to Halliwell Manor.


As they left, Lord Dyson went to Duncan and fed on his repression causing him to become infuriated and began punching another student Simon telling him to quit picking on her. Dyson then discovered what he could do with his power and wandered Magic School wreaking havoc feeding on repression.

He then travelled from Magic School to the streets of San Francisco where he began to prey upon citizens, causing them to attack one another in the streets. He was struck by the pleothera of repression and with each victim he became stronger and stronger. He then created an Energy Ball and launched it at a police car causing it to explode. He laughed and said that he needed more and continued roaming the streets feeding on all the repression he could find.

As Phoebe and Piper tried to call for Leo, Paige and Godiva orbed into the kitchen and told her sisters they were going upstairs. But Phoebe stopped her and asked her what was going on and Paige explained the woman was Godiva and that the students conjured her. Phoebe called her a sex object but Godiva informed them she was not, as she was just was riding through her town in her natural state on her horse protesting her husband's unjust taxes. Then toast popped up from a toaster to Godiva's surprise as Piper told Paige that Godiva has to return to her own time to finish her ride or history could be altered and Paige was concerned about the Elders closing down Magic School if she didn't fix the problem. Godiva went to turn on a blender and was frightened by the notice, running back behind Paige in fear.

Piper then asked how exactly a naked woman's ride on a horse could really effect history, and Godiva responded by telling her the ride was important. They then went to the Attic to search for a solution in the Book of Shadows.

Instead of searching the Book of Shadows however, Paige and Godiva went back to Magic School where they found a book containing a short entry about the woman, Paige commented it was a good thing she had long hair. And Godiva was surprised that she was in the history books, Paige then told her if she could get her back to her own time before anything happened to her, then she would remain in the books.

Paige and Godiva then looked at the illustration and noticed their was a meek looking man in a black robe, and Godiva was rather taken by the man. She told Paige it was Lord Dyson, a evil land baron who fed on the pain of the peasants, supressing them for his own gain and that he was the "weasel' who convinced her husband to tax them. Paige then asked her if she was afraid of what she did, but Godiva believed that it was the right thing to do; it was the only way to show her husband she was serious about her stance to shock him. She then told Godiva to get back atop her white horse, but she then asked Paige if it would be painful but she explained it wouldn't be, it was magic, to which Godiva said she think it existed. Paige told her it exists but its just something that's hidden from sight. Godiva got atop her horse and Paige told her to take off the robe, wished her luck and cast a spell to send Godiva back to her domain.

The spell didn't work however, and Paige heard a large crash and it was the student fighting with one another, affected by Lord Dyson's power. She found Odin and he explained that someone else may have been conjured. Dyson appeared and feed on Odin's repression, causing Dyson to corporealize and Odin blasted Paige with a lightning bolt. Dyson then looked around the room saying that their was so much repression to feed on. Godiva appeared and recognized the man, he then blasted an energy ball at her but she averted it. Dyson then said he was doing to collect more power and he would be able to kill her, he then shimmered away as Paige ran over to Godiva.

Paige took the woman back to Halliwell Manor and Paige and her sisters discussed Leo, Godiva tried to offer a suggestion but the sisters wouldn't listen. Frustrated, Godiva removed her robe, getting the sisters' attention. She made a comment saying that it's funny getting naked is still the only way she can get attention. Piper told her to put her robe back on and Godiva explained the man was Dyson but in her time, he was weaker, smaller, to which Paige asked how he got so much stronger. As the door bell rang, Paige and Piper ran up stairs with the woman.

Paige then looked in the Book again as Piper held a book containing information about Godiva, the woman then asked Piper if it would be cheating if she looked ahead in the book to see what was to become of her. And Piper suggested since she probably won't remember anything that happens in their time, she didn't she why not and handed the book over to her. Paige then shut the Book of Shadows saying all she could find was an entry about a demon that feed on anger. Piper then told Godiva that the books said Dyson mysteriously vanished the day she rode through town and taxes were repealed. Godiva was pleased that she achieved her goal. Paige then realized Dyson probably got his strength by feeding on repression and looked in the Book again and Piper told Godiva her ride starved Dyson into oblivion.

Leo orbed in and was awe struck by Godiva, asking the sisters if it was really her. Piper then told him to heal Paige's wound and asked Leo to go ask the Elders about a solution. The sisters then returned to Magic School with Godiva, they then lit three candles and discussed Dyson shouldn't be a problem as long as she finished her ride. Godiva then thanked the sisters for showing her what was to come and they then recited a summoning spell, calling forth Dyson. Piper tried to blow up the demon but it didn't work and Paige recited a spell sending them back to their own time. The two beings then disappeared back into the book.

Godiva Fails to Complete Her Ride[]


As they vanished, the candles blew out, and the sisters realized something ominous had happened: Godiva was unable to finish her ride because of the all the strength Dyson acquire. Piper relit the candle and they orbed back to Phoebe's place of business, the Bay Mirror where things were darker than usual, and when they opened the doors to the office, they saw all the women in black nun look outfits and headpieces, they immediately realized something went wrong, and a man, Leslie St. Claire, emerged from his office, asking Phoebe what she was doing there, what she was wearing and why she wasn't watching their children. Piper then pulled her into the hallway where they noticed a posters that said Ask Leslie, he'll tell you how to handle your women". Paige then told them they should have waited for Leo and they left the office.

As they walked down the streets of the city, everyone stared at them but then Phoebe asked her sisters why they didn't change and Paige suggested it was because they were in Magic School and were protected. They looked at other people walking the streets, staring at them and pointing, the sisters then noticed a sign that said women who talk in public will be flogged. A man then appeared and took them to a prison and placed them in a cell, telling them with every word they say, another flogging will be added.

In the cell, the sisters discussed conjuring Godiva again and then called for Leo, and he appeared wearing a black suit and asked the sisters what they were doing in the cell and what they were wearing. Piper then explained the situation and asked if he was with them or not. Paige told them that they would need Duncan to conjure her again and that they needed to get to Magic School, But Leo told them it has been closed for years and everyone, including demons, were in hiding.


Leo then took Paige to an alley where they saw people practicing magic and Paige told Leo to go back to the sisters. She then saw Duncan and walked up to him, saying his name. He denied being Duncan thinking that Paige was after his "stash", which ended up being Burdock Root. When Paige picked up the bag, Duncan pushed her against a fence, and then she orbed away and back in, to which he asked her if she was a freedom fighter. She told him she wanted to free him from the hell they were all in and explained she needed a conjuring spell, but he was hesitant because he thought he was being watched. Paige then told him she came from a world where magic wasn't being wasted and it could be that way again if he gave her the spell. Paige explained she knew he had dreams and that he was only suppressing them. She told him he had two choices, he could either step up and be a man or he could crawl back into his little rat hole. He then agreed and gave her the spell.

History Reverses Itself[]


In Magic School, Piper and Phoebe flipped through books trying to find Godiva, and commented that there was no Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great or any of the great women of history. Paige then orbed in and told them she had the spell and they showed her their was a small entry in a book about Godiva, but it could still be used. Leo explained that he didn't understand what exactly would happen, asking if they returned back to before she was killed, history would reverse itself, to which Paige told him to let them handle it.

Paige told her sisters that as soon as they got Godiva and Dyson to the School, Piper should blast Dyson while they send Godiva back. Phoebe told them she thought that they had to send both back for the plan to work but Paige told her she was hoping not. Piper then asked them if they had any repression that Dyson could fed off and after telling each other how they felt, Paige recited the conjuring spell, bringing forth Godiva and Dyson. History then reversed itself causing everything to go back to it was.


But then Dyson sensed repression from Piper, and then she expressed her anger with Leo about how he was obsessed with what happened with Barbas and Gideon, feeding Dyson with every word she said. He created an energy ball and tried to launch it at Godiva but Paige called for it and diverted it back at him, knocking him backwards.

Piper continued yelling at Leo, telling him to get over it, and as Leo backed away, she blew him up over and over again. Phoebe then told Paige to handle Piper and she kicked Dyson is his chest. Paige told Piper to snap out of it, telling her that a demon was responsible, not Leo, causing her to break free from the demon's thrall. As Dyson tried to fire another energy ball, Piper raised her hands motioning to blow him up but he shimmered away.

Dyson is Destroyed[]


Back at the Manor, they tried to find a way to be rid of Dyson and as Godiva assumed she wouldn't be able to finish her ride, Dyson shimmered in and tried yet again to blast and energy ball at Godiva, but Leo pulled her out of the way and Piper tried to blow the demon up. Piper then told Paige to orb Godiva out of the Manor telling her they would try to think of something. They then ran up to the attic and Dyson threw an energy ball at the steps, Leo then stopped and tried to blast him with his lightning bolts, but Dyson averted them.


He ran to Phoebe and Piper wanting to orb them away, but Piper told them they were going to let Dyson feed on his repression and they ran off leaving Leo for Dyson. Dyson then began feeding on Leo's repression, telling him too let it all out, but Leo contained so much repressed rage that it overwhelmed and overloaded Dyson, causing him to burst into oblivion. Godiva and Paige then appeared, Godiva removed her robe saying that she was finally free.

Duncan Returns Godiva to her Own Time[]


The sisters then returned to Magic School, where Godiva sat atop her horse and they asked Duncan cast a spell to return her to her own time in order to teach him to use his powers, and embrace his magic. Duncan cast the spell and Godiva returned to her own time, completing her ride.

Phoebe is Inspired by Godiva[]

Phoebe then took a cue from Godiva and put on a blonde wig and road down a street of San Francisco on a white horse, she stopped at a restaurant where the manager asked Piper to leave after seeing her breastfeeding and told the on lookers that he was living in the eleventh century,


believing that women should be barefoot at home having babies. The crowd began to boo the man as Phoebe continued to shame the man and said she was not ashamed and that none of them should be. She told them that they shouldn't have to be exploited and the manager removed the sign prohibiting breastfeeding. The crowd then cheered Phoebe as she rode down the street atop the horse, Godiva is now Phoebe and tricked Dyson