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Bolts of lightning shot from the hand, Lightning Bolts is a somewhat common power found among low-level demons and other magical beings. The bolts can range in strength and vary from one bolt or multiple bolts resembling lightning in the sky. Certain targets of the bolt will be destroyed upon impact while others are simply wounded, depending upon both the strength of the being with the power and the being targetted by a bolt.

Notable Beings Possessing the Power[]

Various magical beings ranging from Ghosts to Demons to Angelic Beings have been shown to exhibit the power to shoot lightning bolts at their victims, these include but are not limited to the following:

Elias Lundy[]

The evil spirit of Elias Lundy, a former chaffeur for the van Lewen Family, displayed the power of lightning bolts when the Halliwell sisters arrived at the van Lewen Estate and tried to get Martha van Lewen and her daughter-in-law Alexandra out of the home. Elias shot bolts of lightning toward the door as the sisters tried to exit with the two women, preventing Martha from being able to leave.

Elias then continue to blast his bolts at Martha trying to convince her to tell him where her son's child was, but Martha refused and continued to be hit with the lightning bolts. The Charmed Ones found a potion that could be used to destroy Elias and were preparing to poor the potion over his bones in the backyard of the van Lewen Estate but Elias appeared and blasts his bones with his lightning bolts, causing the bones to be lost in the earth beyond reach.

Tracer Demons[]

Demonic mercenaries that track magical prey across different dimensions, Tracer Demons also possess the ability to shoot lightning bolts from their hands. A Tracer Demon hired to take down a Sandman used this ability to destroy the Charmed Ones' Sandman in the Attic of Halliwell Manor causing him to burst into oblivion leaving behind only the Dream Dust that he was comprised of.

The Elders[]

Possibly the only good magical beings with the power to shoot lightning bolts, the Elders are in charge of the Whitelighters and offer advice to the Whitelighters to pass on to their Wiccan charges. Various Elders have used this power to protect themselves from evil threats such as when they used their powers to protect themselves against the demon Zankou atop the Golden Gate Bridge when he sought to inform that Leo Wyatt was working with the Avatars, afterwhich the Elders tried to annihilate Leo with their lightning bolts but Leo proved impervious because of his Avatar status.

Another instance is when Leo used the power to destroy Gideon after he tried to kill his and Piper Halliwell's son. One more notable instance was when Leo was tricked by Barbas into using the power against the Elder Zola atop the bridge, destroying him.