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The Seers talks to the Tall Man trapped in the Cage

Created by powerful magical craftsmen, Magical Cages are used to imprison other powerful magical beings. These cages are forged from unbreakable magic allowing no being or magic to escape from within. Only the craftsman who constructed the Magical Cage can release those trapped within it.

The Seer and the Tall Man[]

Centuries ago, the Seer, a powerful Upper-Level demon with the gift of foresight, crafted a Magical Cage in order to trap the legendary Tall Man within. The Source of All Evil was so threatened by the demonic giant, that he ordered the Seer to construct a cage to imprison the demon inside. For centuries, the Tall Man was confined to the Magical Cage in the remote, desolate part of the Underworld until 2002, when the Seer devised a plan to release the Tall Man in an attempt to capture Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell.


Paige within the cage as the Seer and Phoebe talk

The plan went according to plan and Paige Matthews was the first to be trapped within the cage as the Seer tried to convince Phoebe to join forces with Evil. But Phoebe wound up trapped in the cage as well, leaving only Piper left. But then Piper cast a spell causing her to materialize in the cage, trapped inside with her sisters. The Seer then magically transferred Phoebe's unborn child into her own womb but the powers within destroyed her, causing an immense explosion of energy that rendered the Magical Cage flaccid. The sisters then escaped from the prison.