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Wielding the power of X-Ray Vision, Malcolm was a powerful immortal Warlock that was cursed into a painting by a witch named Nell in the 1920s. Using a spell only his power of X-Ray Vision could see, Nell inscribed a curse on the canvas before she painted the portrait of a castle. Once complete, Malcolm found the curse and recited it causing him to be sucked into the painting. Within the painted world, he was to face fiery blasts and magical attacks preventing his escape for eternity.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Warlock
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Notable Powers: X-Ray Vision, Blinking, Immortality

Seeking Help From Prue Halliwell[]


Malcolm's lover, another warlock known as Jane Franklin, brought the painting to Charmed One Prue Halliwell at her workplace, Buckland's Auction House, pretending that she wanted the painting appraised and sold but in actuality, she knew Malcolm would send Prue a sign for help and that Prue would answer it.

In her office, Prue was doing paper work when she noticed a glow coming from the window on a castle in the painting. She got her magnifying glass and she saw Malcolm run past the window. Afterwhich, she told her sisters about it but they were reluctant for her to pursue whatever it was she saw.

Prue is Trapped Within the Painting with Malcolm[]


Back in her office, Prue was given an x-ray image of the painting to confirm authenticity that revealed Latin words inscribed on the canvas, a pentimento. Prue the noticed a light from the painting and she grabbed a magnifying glass to see what it was. She saw the word "Help" written on the window. She then went back to the x-ray and recited the words words from the inscription. A portral into the painting opened and she was sucked into it.


In the painting she met Malcolm who helped her escape Fire Balls set to destroy anything in their paths. He told Prue that she was in a castle in a painting and that she had to run over to a bookcase or else she would be dead. He introduced himself and told her that she was supposed to help him not join him in the painting. Prue told him her name and that she was trying to save him, Malcolm then told her to run over to the bookcase, but a Fire Ball headed straight for her, but she managed to blast it away from her with her Telekinetic power. Malcolm was shocked by it and asked her what she was. Prue told him to nevermind as they ran to the bookcase and went behind it.


In the room behind the bookcase, Malcolm held a cloth to his head with one hand and in the other he held a candle stick to use it as a weapon, in case Prue tried anything. Prue told him that he couldn't just stand there for another twelve hours to which he responded that she was a witch and that he hated witches. Prue explained that she was a good witch and that she didn't have the power to get them out and she asked why Malcolm hated witches. He told her that he was dating a witch who cursed him into the painting. Prue then tended to the Warlock's wound and he explained that the witch, Nell, wrote a curse in the painting and after they broke up, she made sure that he got the painting.

Prue assumed that he saw the curse the same way she did through an x-ray and told him that Nell must have been really pissed off with him. Malcolm told her that it was probably why he hadn't aged since he got into the painting, Prue then asked him how long has he been running from the fireballs. Malcolm asked her what year it was, and when she said 1999, he told her it's been seventy years. Prue found it odd that he had been trapped for that long and Malcolm told her it wasn't the typical life of an art historian. Prue told him that she had two sisters and if anyone couuld get them out, it was them.


Prue then came up with a plan but Malcolm said it was too dangerous but Prue told him she was going to do it, she was going to write her name and the name Nell on the window, so that he sisters would see it and then they would search the Book of Shadows for Nell and they would find a way to get them out.


Prue asked Malcolm how he wrote help on the window before, and Malcolm told her it had taken him years to get messages on the windows and asked if she could use her power to help. As Prue told him that she'd deflect the fire balls with her power and that he would write the messages on the window, he told Prue to stay away from the window but then the castle started shaking and Malcolm told they had to retreat back to the chamber behind the bookcase.

But as they tried, it was nearly impossible and they hid under a table where Malcolm told Prue that he never expected a woman to save him to which Prue asked him if he didn't think a woman could save him. He told her he was still waiting and Prue told him to run to the bookcase.

Piper is Accidentally Trapped in the Painting[]


Wondering where Prue was, Piper Halliwell went to Buckland's, where she met the man that gave Prue the x-ray, Joe Lyons, and after not finding Prue, she froze Joe and rushed out with the painting, causing the shaking within the castle, and she brought it back to the Manor.


She found the x-ray attached to the painting and asked her sister, Phoebe, what the curse meant, reading it aloud. Before Phoebe could answer, Piper was sucked into the painting.

Prue and Malcolm heard Piper screaming as she tried to run from the fire balls, as one headed in her direction, Prue deviated it away from her. She told Piper to get to the bookcase and as a fire ball came towards them, Piper froze it and they ran to the bookcase where Malcolm sarcastically asked if she was the sister who was supposed to save them.


The three then sat in the room and Prue told her that Phoebe would be able to get them out because she cast a smart spell on herself and that they have to hurry to get the word Nell on the window because the spell ends at 7:00pm. They went to the window where Malcolm told them to be careful and as they asked why, sharp swords came out on both sides, trapping Piper by the window, but Prue used her power to pull them away so Piper could write the name on the window.


Piper reached and wrote the name with her fingers as Prue told her to hurry. Piper quickly finished writing it and she backed away just before Prue had to release the blades. Prue then moved a frozen fireball in front of the window and they then went back to the chamber behind the bookcase where they waited for Phoebe to find a way for them to get out.


Phoebe saw the light coming from the window and retrieved a magnifying glass, holding it to the window, she saw the word Nell. She got the Book of Shadows and held her ands over it as she said "Nell, Nell find me Nell", the pages flipped to a two-page Latin spread about Nell and Malcolm. She then found the three words to release those trapped within the painting, Verva Omnes Liberant, "words free us all".

Now she had to figure a way to get the words into the painting without getting trapped inside the painting herself, she then saw Kit run past and was hesitant to use her, but she placed a paper with the three words in Kit's collar and sent her into the painting.

Revelation He is a Warlock[]


Malcolm, Prue and Piper sat in the chamber behind the bookcase and they decided that they should take shifts waiting for Phoebe outside the book case, Malcolm told them that he would take the first shift and proceeded out of the chamber. Prue then explained to Piper that she was thinking about the witch that curse Malcolm into the painting, realizing that it would take a lot of time and a high-level of magic. to create the painted world and that it seemed quite significant for only a bad breakup. Piper agreed and Prue told her that it was nearly impossible for them, the Charmed Ones, to get the message on the window, but Malcom, a art historian with absolutely no powers was able to get past the blades and fireballs. They then heard a noise from the chamber and ran to see what it was.

Malcolm was next to Kit, who began hissing at him, and said "here kitty, kitty" as he picked her up and found the spell within the collar. Prue and Piper walked in and saw Malcolm reading the spell, Prue told Piper to freeze him but it was no use, he blinked out of the way and to a different spot. He explained that blinking allow him to be in one spot on second, and another spot the next. He then said the final word, "Liberant" and was released out of the painting into the Manor where Phoebe was waiting.

He told Phoebe that seventy years was a long time and thanked her for releasing him.


Phoebe realized he was a warlock to which Malcolm replied her sisters were right, she was a smart witch, using the cat the way she did. Phoebe asked him if the woman who brought the painting to Prue was a warlock to and he told her that Jane's his lover and has been trying to him out for years and that she needed to find the Charmed Ones, which took her seventy years. Phoebe told him they haven't been around that long and kicked him in the stomach causing him to fall back. He blinked out and back in behind her but she kicked and punched him. He then told they'll see how smart she is at seven o'clock and Phoebe asked how he knew about the spell, he said "tick-tock, Phoebe. Tick-tock" and blinked outside.

Reuniting with Jane[]


As Malcolm blinked outside, Jane ran up to him and the two warlocks kissed. Jane told him that she thought sh'd never seen him again and told him they should get out of there. But Malcolm told her not yet, that he had a present for her. Jan asked where it was and he told inside the house, it was something she always wanted; the power of Premonition. She asked what he would get and he responded by telling her revenge and two more powers. The two then waited for the spell to end.



As Prue and Piper waited in the painting they said they will buy Phoebe a purse and shoes to match if she got them out of there. Phoebe was flipping through the Book of Shadows as she tried to recall the three words and she stumbled upon the Latin entry but couldn't understand any of it because it was 7:00, the spell was over.


Malcolm then blinked into the foyer and told Phoebe he said he would be back and walked to the door and opened it for Jane. Jane said hello to Phoebe and to say goodbye to her family as she blew a breath across her fingers causing a flame to appear. Malcolm grabbed Phoebe as Jane lit the painting on fire. But Phoebe placed her hand on Jane as Malcolm tried to hold her back and Phoebe recited the inscription from the x-ray. The three of them were then sucked into the painting.

Prue and Piper then saw the smoke from the fire and came out of the bookcase where they found Phoebe, Malcolm and Jane appeared to Prue's surprise. Phoebe explained that she was a warlock as well. Malcolm then called Phoebe stupid and reached in his pocket in search of Kit's collar, but Phoebe then raised the collar in her hand and asked if it was what he was looking for. Piper then froze the two warlocks and Prue picked up Kit as Phoebe recited the three latin words to get them out of the painting. The portal opened and they were free from the painting with went up in flames, destroying Malcolm and Jane. Prue explained she didn't want them to, she just wanted them stuck in the painting forever, to which Piper told her she doesn't have to worry about anyone getting a supernatural mayday from it anymore.