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Cronyn, Merrill and another demon talk to Paige and Phoebe at the pizzari

A pizzaria in San Francisco, Manny's Pizzaria is a pizza parlor/restaurant where Charmed Ones Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews met with Demonic Sorcerer Cronyn, Merrill a Wizard and other magical beings in order to discuss working together to try to restore magic.

However, Cronyn and his brood tricked the sisters because they knew magic was only going to rest for twenty-four hours to welcome Piper Halliwell's new born baby into the world. At the pizzaria, they didn't want to waste the chance to try to destroy the Charmed Ones and the entire place was full of demonic creatures and evil beings waiting to attack the sisters.

Luckily for the sisters, they came prepared with homemade weapons and were able to thwart the evil beings and they managed to escape back to Halliwell Manor where they were able to destroy Cronyn and his demonic accomplice, Doris.