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Marcus reacts to the Charmed Ones transforming into the beasts

Charged with guiding and watching over witches, Marcus was a Whitelighter sent by the Elders to assist the Charmed Ones track down the being or beings that attacked a Whitelighter that was chosen to watch the sisters' after Leo was removed as their Whitelighter.

Quick Facts[]

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Portrayed By: John Ross Bowie

Attacked by the Charmed Beasts[]

Using the Whitelighter as bait, the Charmed Ones called him to the Attic where they had him wait for an attack. But the Blue Moon rose in the night's sky, causing the sisters to transform in the wild beasts. He tried to orb out but the sisters pulled him down from his orbs causing him to corporealize and they mauled him. He grabbed a crystal and trapped the sisters within the cage as he laid dying on the Attic floor.

Healed by the Elders[]

Once the sisters awoke, they were transformed back into their regular selves but trapped in the cage. They looked over and saw Marcus; shocked by what they saw, Paige orbed a crystal away so they could escape the cage. Paige then orbed to the Elders with the Whitelighter so they could heal him.

In Magic School, the Elders began to heal him and they discussed with Paige and Leo what could have been responsible for the attack, but Paige, knowing the Elders wouldn't react lightly, said that it was dark and they didn't see who attacked them. But Paige divulged the incident to Leo, knowing that he would keep it secret.