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Matthew van Lewen
Prue Halliwell holds Matthew in 2000
Biographical Information
Full Name Matthew van Lewen
Born 2000
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Physical Information
Species Mortal
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skin color White
Familial Information
Family Members
Parents Gilbert and Alexandra van Lewen
Grandparents Martha van Lewen and her husband
Portrayed By

San Francisco Police Department[]

Phoebe Halliwell's Premonition[]

Phoebe Brings Matthew Home[]

The Halliwell Sisters Take Care of Matthew[]

The Book of Shadows[]

Dan Gordon[]

Prue Goes Baby Product Shopping[]

Prue Halliwell Brings Matthew to Work[]

The Sisters Talk to Matthew's Mother and Grandmother[]

Darryl Morris Comes for Matthew[]

Matthew is Returned to His Mother[]