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Found within Charmed Sisters' Book of Shadows, the Memory Spell allows a witch to restore the memory of witch who has last his or

Paige Casts the Spell on Piper[]

In order to try to help Piper Halliwell remember the pain and emotion of losing Leo Wyatt to Elderdom, Paige Matthews cast the spell on Piper but because Leo used magic on her to make her forget the pain of losing him, the spell backfired causing Piper to completely forget everything about herself.

Hoping to try to get Leo back from Valhalla, where Christopher Halliwell sent him, Chris convinced Piper she was a Valkryie. When Piper and her sisters went to Valhalla, Piper's memory came flooding back when she saw Leo. Ultimately, angered by Leo, Piper decided to stay with the Valkyries and work with them.

Paige was able to create a reversal spell that she used on Piper returning her to her regular self. The spell read:

Spell was cast
Now make it pass.
Remove it now
Don't ask me how.

The Book of Shadows[]

After discovering something was amiss with Piper after her husband Leo left to become an Elder, Paige found the Memory Spell in the Book. The page read:

Memory Spell
Powers and emotions tied
A witch's heart is where it hides
Help her through her agony
Bless her with her memory