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Memory Spell: To Fill in the Blanks
Spell Information
Users The Charmed Ones
Written By Paige Matthews
Requirements Individuals to be affected by the spell be present with the caster.
Alignment Good magic

The Memory Spell was cast by Paige Matthews in Forget Me...Not after the Cleaners took Wyatt and erased their memories making everything related to Wyatt vanish because Wyatt exposed magic after conjuring a dragon that roamed the city of San Francisco. However, Phoebe could sense something was amiss after finding out she punched Elise in the face, not remembering the incident; as could Piper after bumping into a man carrying a baby.

Firstly, this spell reversed time to hours prior to the Cleaners appearance allowing the Charmed Ones to relive the events leading to Wyatt conjuring the dragon. Secondly, the spell allowed the sisters to maintain their memories of Wyatt's existence after the Cleaners attempted to take Wyatt for a second time. Afterwards they were able to retrieve Wyatt by threatening to expose magic on television. The dealbreaker was if the Charmed One's are erased by the Cleaners for doing so, the scales will tip to Evil's favor and then the Cleaners would hardly be considered neutral. Ultimately, the Cleaners allowed Wyatt to stay with his family and they would only erase the sisters' exposure of magic.

The Book of Shadows[]

Although the spell was said to be written by Paige Matthews, an entry in the Book of Shadows was later shown.


A Scan of The Memory Spell in the Book of Shadows

Memory Spell[]

To Fill in the Blanks
Moments lost
make witches wonder
Warlock's plot or
Demon's plunder
If this is
not a prank
help us to
Fill in the Blanks.


  • The spell can be seen in the Book of Shadows in Carpe Demon.

The Kidnapping of Wyatt by The Cleaners and The Spell[]

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