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Messenger Cherub
Messenger Cherub
General Information
Species Cherub
Gender Male or Female - presumably
Appearance Morality Bites Back - Charmed Comic
Magical Information
Powers Flight - via wings

Residing in the Realm of Love, Cupid's Realm, Messenger Cherubs are found in Cupid's Temple and act as the route of communication between Cupids and those in charge of the Cupids.

A Messenger Cherub is reminiscent to the modern day idea of what a Cupid looks like; an angelic looking infant wearing a diaper with white fluffy wings atop his back and wearing white booties on his feet. The Cherub also has a pink strap across his chest containing red hearts.

Phoebe's Encounter with the Messenger Cherub

"Aww. So cute." - Phoebe reacts to the Cherub

In 2008, Coop, a Cupid, and the husband of Phoebe Halliwell took Phoebe to Cupid's Temple for their wedding anniversary. The two ended up discussing a situation involving the man she killed in a premonition she had back in 1999, Cal Greene and his current relationship with her friend and co-worker Mika. Coop and Phoebe wanted to find out if the two were truly meant to be together eternally, thus Coop had a Messenger Cherub deliver a message to his "bosses". Later, the Cherub appeared, delivering the two lovers a message regarding the relationship between Cal and Mika; the two were not destined to be together forever.


A Messenger Cherub appeared in a total of 1 Charmed Comic throughout the series:

Charmed Comics
Morality Bites Back

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