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Bestowing a user with the ability to mimic and copy any power they choose, Mimicry is a rarity amongst the magical community. The being imbued with the power merely has to be in the presence of a magical being while they use the power and then can mimic it.

Matthew Tate[]

Imprisoned in a magical locket centuries ago by a powerful witch known as Melinda Warren, Matthew Tate, a warlock, displayed the power of Mimicry, which he stole from another witch. He is said to have mimicked the power of Blinking from a witch as well making him the first warlock said to manifest the power.

In 1998, Matthew was released from the locket and was hired to track down and annihilate the Charmed Ones by two high-level evil beings known as [[Rex Buckland|Rex[[ and Hannah. Matthew attempted to attack Prue Halliwell in her office at Buckland Auction House but she used her power of Telekinesis on him, and he was able to Mimic the power, using it break through a window and escape.

He later appeared to Phoebe and mimicked her power of Premonition by forcing Phoebe to have a vision. He then received a premonition of being banished back into the locket.

Determined to not allow the vision to come to fruition, he went after the Charmed Ones in order to mimic and steal a power he had not yet been able to acquire, Piper's Freezing power. He travelled to Halliwell Manor where he telekinetically drew Piper to him and threatened to kill her, hoping that she would freeze him instead. However, Prue was able to distract him long enough for them to curse him back into the locket.