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Mind Link
The Book of Shadows open to the Mind Link Spells
Spell Information
Users Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews
Requirements Harnessing one's mental energy
Alignment Good Magic

A powerful spell found in the Halliwell's Book of Shadows that is used to harness mental energy and connect two or more individual's thoughts, seen in the episode Brain Drain; Phoebe and Paige cast the Mind Link Spell to travel to the mind of Piper after the Source sent a Chameleon Demon, Alastair, to infilitrate the Halliwell home and gather information for him to use against the Charmed Ones.

After the Source as the Chameleon used his power of mind projection to make Piper believe that she was actually mentally ill and has been hallucinating everything that has happened in the previous 4 years, from gaining Wiccan powers to Prue Halliwell's death to Leo being their Whitelighter. After the spell was cast Phoebe and Paige arrive in Piper's mind and try to talk her out of casting a spell to relinquish their powers and persuade her she is being tricked by demons.

In combination with Leo and Cole stopping the Source's mind projection, Phoebe and Paige prevent Piper from casting the relinquishing spell.

Mind Link[]

Harness your mental energy
by reciting this spell whithin
a circle of candles
Life to Life
And Mind to Mind
Our Spirits now
will intertwine.
We meld our Souls
and journey to
the one whose thoughts
we wish we knew.

To Break a Mind Link[]

Recite this spell
Life from Life
and Mind from Mind
Our spirits now
will disentwine.
We part our souls
and journey home
to let our thoughts
be on their own.