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The Darklighter aims his crossbow at Piper and Paige

Clad in all black with blond hair, not much is known about this Darklighter except that he was summoned by Paige Matthews in 2002 and trapped within a Crystal Cage. Paige hoped to gain knowledge from this Darklighter regarding an attack on a young future Whitelighter known as Melissa.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Darklighter
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White

Paige questioned the Darklighter demanding information about who tried to kill Melissa, and each time he responded with something she did not want to hear, she would electrocute him. During her questioning, Piper Halliwell arrived at the Manor and was furious with Paige for summoning a Darklighter into the Manor, endangering not only her life, but her unborn child's life, her husband Leo Wyatt's life as well as her own. As the two argued, the Darklighter managed to break free from the Cage and summoned his Crossbow. Piper attempted to blow up the evil being with her Molecular Combustion power but instead of blowing him up, flowers appeared around his head and fell to the floor due to her unborn child's intervention. Paige then Telekinetically Orbed the Crossbow into her hands and shot the Darklighter with his own arrow, causing him to perish in a burst of flames.