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Nob Hill
Nob Hill Lunch
Prue and Phoebe Halliwell Have Lunch on Nob Hill
Location Information
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America
Misconception Mistakenly spelled as Knob Hill

Nob Hill is a neighborhood located in central San Francisco, California between the intersections of California and Powell streets. It is situated near various major tourists areas of the city; South of Nob Hill is the shopping district of Union Square, the Tenderloin neighborhood, and Market Street. To the East is Chinatown and a little farther, the city's financial district. Northeast of Nob Hill is North Beach and Telegraph Hill. North of Nob Hill is Russian Hill, and the tourist-centered areas of the waterfront such as Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf.

Prue Halliwell's Photo Shoot

In 2000, Prue Halliwell was assigned to do a photo shoot for 415 Magazine at Nob Hill. At Halliwell Manor, she and her sister Phoebe made arrangements to meet on the Hill for lunch. During their lunch the two discuss going to a barbeque

Nob Hill-PrueDemonKid

Prue asks the girl about the song

and Phoebe suggests the reason Prue doesn't want to go is because of their father Victor Bennett. Mid-argument Prue hears a little girl humming the same tune that she had previously heard in a dream as well as in an elevator. Curious to what significance the tune has, Prue runs over to the little girl humming the song and Phoebe follows her. Prue then asks the little girl who is sitting by a water fountain what the song is; the girl points to an ice cream truck. Prue looks at the truck and as the girl runs toward the truck, Prue wonders what the ice cream truck is doing out on such a cold day and why a child would want it, and more importantly why there are no parents around.

Encounter with the Ice Cream Man

NobHill SuckedIn

Phoebe, Prue and the demon girl are sucked into the truck

After the little girls runs to the truck, Prue feels as though she is remembering a past even. She and Phoebe run after the girl and try to locate the truck. They find it and see that the girl is being pulled into the truck by a man. The two run to the truck immediately and grab the girl's legs, pulling her free from the man's grasp. The Ice Cream Man then piers his head from the window of the truck and Prue, Phoebe and the girl are sucked into it and are transported to an alternate world of snow and frost.



  • Nob Hill is one of the original Seven Hills of San Francisco and is approximately 376 feet.