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North Beach
North Beach0
Location Information
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America
Notable Attributes
Prue & Piper Halliwell once owned an apartment in North Beach

North Beach, also known as San Francisco's Little Italy, is a district in Northeast San Francisco, California, United States. The name North Beach comes from the fact that decades ago the area used to be a beach but in the past several years, its boundaries have extended and the name North Beach stuck.

Halliwell sisters Prue and Piper once lived in an apartment in North Beach. The two moved into the apartment after their Grandmother, Penny Halliwell passed away in May 1998.

In October 1998, the sisters decided to move back into Halliwell Manor where they grew up and lived with Grams prior to her heart attack; choosing to sell their apartment because the Manor has been in their family for generations.


  • North Beach is situated in close proximity to Piper Halliwell's favorite place to shop - the Embarcadero.

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