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Location Information
Name The City of Oakland
State California
Country United States of America
Official Oaktown
Others The O, The Town
Prue & Phoebe Halliwell once traveled to Oakland
City Flag

After receiving a Premonition of a horrible car accident when she touched a bracelet up for appraisal and sale at Buckland Auction House, Phoebe Halliwell made it her mission to find the person it belonged to. Phoebe informed her sister Prue and the two women discovered the bracelet belonged to the daughter of a woman, Harriet Lane, who lived in Oakland.

Thinking that it was a fatal car crash, Harriet had no idea that her daughter, Teri survived the accident. Prue and Phoebe then reunited Harriet with her long lost daughter on her doorstep in Oakland, California.

Background Information[]

Situated 8 miles east of San Francisco, California, Oakland is located on the San Francisco Bay making it a major West Coast port city. It is the eighth largest city in the state of California and has a population of 390,724 people as of 2010. The city is connected to San Francisco via the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, also known locally as the Bay Bridge.