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The Source's Oracle
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Oracles are mystical magical beings who can foresee the future using both a crystal ball and their power of Divination. Some also have the power of Teleportation, Immortality and Mediumship. They can either be good or evil depending on who they are under the employ of.

The Source's Oracle[]

A demonic female Oracle working for The Source of All Evil saw "a witch's call on the spirit winds" that the Charmed Ones (inadvertently) sent out, and Paige Matthews, their lost sister that could reconstitute the Power of Three. She warned the Source about this so he could get to her before them. ("Charmed Again") Later, she helped the Source in his plan to get Piper Halliwell to read the power relinquishing spell from the Book of Shadows while in a simulated reality. As the Source was handling Piper, Cole Turner almost vanquished him with the largest and possibly most powerful energy ball in Charmed history, but the Oracle jumped in the way and sacrificed herself, taking the vanquish instead. ("Brain Drain")

Other Oracles[]

  • A male Oracle on the side of good, came to seek protection from the Charmed Ones when the Titans were freed.[1]
  • A female Oracle was in line to try her chance at becoming the wielder of the legendary sword Excalibur. [2]


  • Oracles and Seers are similar magical creatures, however, Seers appear to be more powerful and precise and tend to use different forms of Divination.
  • The Source's oracle is often referred to as The Oracle.


Oracles appear in a total of 5 episodes throughout the course of the series.

Season 4
Charmed Again Part 1
Charmed Again Part 2
Brain Drain
Season 5
Oh My Goddess! Part 1
Season 6
Sword And The City

Notes and References[]

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