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Oscar canary
"Oscar... what's the matter, sweetheart? It's okay. I'm home."- Paige to her pet bird.

Oscar was a blue canary and Paige Matthews' pet bird that she kept in a birdcage in her loft. However, when the Source possessed Paige's then boyfriend, Shane, he killed the Oscar, engulfing it in flames with his power. [1]


  • It is unknown if Oscar served as a Familiar; the Book of Shadows stated that birds, like other animals, could be Familiars sent to guide neophyte witches. However, Katrina stated that she was watching over Paige when she came into her powers, which is why she had left the Halliwell sisters.[2] Also Paige, when in the past upon seeing Kit, found her familiar looking and mentioned that it reminded her of this old stray that used to hang outside her loft.
  • Oscar's backstory is unknown - it was not explained whether Paige bought the bird, was given it or if she found it. If she found it, it could reflect how the Halliwell sisters found Kit - making him a possible familiar.

Notes and References[]

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