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The exterior of the cineplex

A movie multiplex located in San Francisco, California, Pacific Theaters is an establishment that a demon known as the Demon of Illusion traveled to after being confronted by the Charmed Ones at another movie theater known as the Revival House. The theater was also referred to as "Mission Multiplex" by Darryl Morris where he contacted Phoebe Halliwell about the situation that had occurred.

The Demon of Illusion Releases an Axe Murderer[]

During a film in which an axe murderer brutally killed a female victim, the Demon appeared on screen and walked up to the axe murderer and asked him if he would like to do it for real.


The Demon of Illusion speaks to the Axe Murderer

As the audience were surprised by what was happening, Illusion told the murderer that he could do it, take him to a place where the movie never ended but he was then disturbed by the chatter of the audience, so he told them to simmer down and then used his magic to silence them before proceeding to finish asking the axe murderer if he wanted to come into reality. The murderer nodded that he did and Illusion then told him that their was a catch, h would get to pick the victims - the Charmed Ones - but on the way to them, he is free to kill whoever he pleased.


Darryl Morris outside the theatre

Illusion then moved the murderer through the screen into reality and as the murderer proceeded to find his targets, Illusion caused the audience to become enraged and violent.

After the situation was reported to the San Francisco Police, Darryl Morris appeared on seen and called Phoebe to let her known that the violence that erupted in the theater left one person dead, four injured and six in police custody.