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Not a breed of demons but rather a term used to describe them, Pack Demons are demonic beings of any species that tend to travel and attack in groups rather than alone. Striking a victim believing that there's strength in numbers, the demons attack with force aggressively hoping to take down a target.

Notable Pack Demons[]

Various demonic breeds can be described as Pack Demons, but only a few have actually been classified with the term "pack" in the Charmed Ones' Book of Shadows.


Reptile-like demons with supernatural strength and venomous claws, Manticores are pack hunters that communicate in high-pitched cries.ref>Season 6, Little Monsters</ref> Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews once worked with a pack of Manticores in order to retrieve Piper Halliwell. who was taken by a human turned beast known as Derek.

Scabbar Demons[]

Pack demons that attack their victims with a deadly spray of acid that they shoot from their mouth[1]. The acid will destroy a target upon impact, causing objects to disintegrate and victims to burst into flames. Christopher Halliwell was once hunted by a pack of Scabbars while trying to locate the evil responsible for turning his brother Wyatt evil in the future.

Other Demons[]

Other demons that tend to attack in packs include:

  • Swarm Demons: Distant relatives of Kazi Demons and Vampires, Swarm Demons are created from a Swarm King and duplicate after being killed.[2]
  • Sokol Demons: Invisible until they attack, Sokol Demons attempted to claim territory by forming a pentagram killing a target at each point of the star.[3]
  • Enoch Demons: Similar to Sokols, the Enoch Demons were their greatest enemy who hoped to gain the territory before the Sokols.[4]
  • Thorn Demons: Demons with tribals markings on their faces and bodies, Thorn Demons are upper-level demons, the females of the breed are able to spit thorns from their mouths that will infect and cause death in a target as the venom travels through the victim's body.[5]
  • Imps: Gremlin-like evil creatures who would rather spread evil and attack victims rather than create mischief like the Gremlins. Imps travel in swarms are they attack a victim with their needle-like wings.[6]


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