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Name unknown, this young man attended the Flaming Lips' concert with Paige Matthews at P3 in 2002 [1]. The man arrived late and then asked Paige to spend the weekend with him in Big Sur; although Paige liked the plan, she said it wasn't going to work out. The man wanted to reschedule but then Paige told him that it would not work between them at all and he left. Phoebe and Piper stated that this was the third guy in a row that Paige has dumped after a first date. Phoebe questioned Paige as to why she didn't want to take things further with the guy and Paige responded she could just sense it wasn't going to work between them so she thought she would just break things off before things got messy.

Quick Facts[]

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Ethnicity: Caucasian American


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