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Teresa reads Phoebe's palm after marking it

A form of Fortune Telling, Palm Reading also known as "Palmistry", is a magical ability where a Witch or Gypsy skilled in the artform can read and decipher the lines and creases in a person's hand to discover the person's lifeline, loveline, familyline and even other aspects of their life.

With the ability to determine how long a person will live, how close they are to family members, if and when they'll find love, personality traits and a variety of other aspects, a palm reader can offer foreknowledge and foresee what may happen in a person's life.

Madame Teresa[]

High-Level Gypsy Shuvani Teresa Nicolae, also known as Madame Teresa, owned a shop in San Francisco where she offered Fotune Telling, Palm Reading and other methods of foreseeing.

Phoebe Halliwell sought Teresa's services hoping to understand why her powers of Premonition and Levitation were deteriorating and not as dominant as they once were. When she arrived at Teresa's, the Gypsy asked for Phoebe's hand and began marking the lines on her hands, identifying what each meant. and as she held Phoebe's hands, Teresa channeled a vision from Phoebe, foreseeing the return of a Gypsy Hunter known as Orin. She immediately asked Phoebe to leave and phoned Lydia explaining that she was Dukkering for a woman and foresaw Orin's return but then Orin's son, Cree appeared and killed Teresa.