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A mortal man working for the United States Government, Patient X was a test subject in an experiment created after an Army Taskforce discovered and captured a wounded Krychek Demon in the desert.

Quick Facts[]

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Black
Ethnicity: African American

Hoping to harness the demon's power for soldiers, the government combined blood of the demon with Patient X's blood, thinking they could extract the Krychek's powers into a serum that could be used to imbue soldiers with the power, making them stronger and impervious to weapons. The serum was then injected into Patient X but there was no reaction causing the government to quickly shut down and abandon the project, returning the Patient back into society.

Although the Patient remained unaffected, the Krychek developed a Virus that was spread to various magical beings including other demons and a friend of the Charmed Ones, Billie Jenkins.

After Billie was infected with the Virus, the sisters sought an antidote to save her and went to [{Agent Murphy]], an employee of Homeland Security. He informed them of the project and they realized that Patient X wielding the antidote for the infected in his blood.

The Charmed Ones infected themselves with the Virus in order to get to Patient X quick enough to create an antidote and get it to Billie, themselves and others infected with the Virus. When they found the man, he was working in an office building as a janitor.

They found him and demons attacked, searching for the antidote as well. The sisters destroyed the demons and asked the man for some of his blood to create an antidote. He obliged and an antidote was created, returning Billie, the sisters and other magical beings infected to their regular state.