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Patricia Halliwell
Patty Halliwell-1
Patty Before Piper's Wedding
Biographical Information
Born April 5th 1950
Died February 28th 1978
Also known as Patty Halliwell
Title(s) Mother of Charmed Ones
Physical Information
  • Ghost
  • Witch (Formemly)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information
Family Members
  • Priscilla Baxter & Gordon Johnson (Grandparents)
  • Penny Halliwell & Allen Halliwell (Parents)
  • Victor Bennett (Ex-Husband)
  • Sam Wilder (Lover)
  • Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige (Daughters)
  • Leo Wyatt, Coop & Henry Mitchell (sons-in-law)
  • Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell, Tamora, Kat, and Henry Jr. Mitchel, Prudence Joahna Halliwell and Phoebe and Coops other Daughters (Grandchildren)
Magical Characteristics
Active Power
Molecular Immobilization
Basic Wiccan Powers
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
  • Vanquishing
  • Summoning
  • Conjuring
Temorary Powers
Magical possessions
  • Book of Shadows
  • Spirit Board
Halliwell Manor
  • The Charmed Ones
  • The Halliwell Family
  • The Greater Good
Portrayed By
  • Finola Hughes (Main)
  • Alyssa Milano (Christmas Video)
"I know that everything happens for a reason. I believe that. I also know that when one door closes another one opens."
—Patty speaking with her daughters.[src]

Patricia "Patty" Halliwell was a witch of the Warren line of witches. She is the ex-wife of Victor Bennett and the mother of their three children; Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, also known as the Charmed Ones. She had a short affaire with her Whitelighter, Sam Wilder, which she has a daughter with named Paige Matthews. Patty was killed on February 28th, 1978 by the Water Demon when she tried to vanquish the demon at Camp Skylark.



Penelope "Penny" Halliwell née Johnson became pregnant with Allen Halliwell's child at the age of nineteen, which was most likely frowned upon by her parents, Gordon and P. Baxter~Johnson. As she was with child at a young age, it is almost certain that Penny was still surnamed Johnson, and not yet a Halliwell. As she was, as a ghost many decades later, surprised that her granddaughter Piper had not used a Ritual to Promote Growth or a Spell to Ward off Demonic Parasites, it is likely that Penny herself did while she was pregnant.

It is possible that Patty had powers from the womb, which would mean that Penny would have been able to use her freezing power while with child. Another possibility is that Penny pondered the name she was going to give to her child before she was born, and decided to continue the tradition of naming girls in the family with a "p". The name "Patricia" may have come from one of her ancestors, just as Melinda Halliwell was named after Melinda Warren, Phoebe Halliwell was named after her great-aunt, and Prue Halliwell was named after Prudence Warren.

Early Life[]

" Reverse the spell from the book, and please restore what was... took. I made it up when I was nine."
— Patty repeating a spell she invented during her childhood.[src]

[1]Patty's parents - Penny and Allen.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

Patty was born on April 5, 1950 to Allen Halliwell and Penny Johnson, a mortal and witch respectively who went on to live at 1329 Prescott Street. Though Patty's mother was only Twenty when she gave birth and was not married, Patty was named "Halliwell" rather than "Johnson" right away. As a descendant of the legendary Melinda Warren, Patty was either born with or developed the power to stop time - which was also possessed by her grandmother, Priscilla Baxter[1].

Shortly after birth, Penny held a wiccaning for her to protect her from evil and have her blessed by her ancestors. However, during Patty's wiccaning, Armand, better known as "the Necromancer", attacked, hoping to feed off of the spirits of the matriarchs. Using either a potion, spell or her telekinesis, Penny managed to vanquish the demon before he could do any harm, and the ceremony went ahead[2]. Most likely after her wiccaning, Patty's name and birth date was drawn up on the Halliwell family Tree.

When Patty was six years old, her aunt Francine, who married her uncle, died[3], though her reaction is unknown. As she grew up, Patty was taught the craft by her mother, who would occasionally use small spellbook to use magic on her whenever she got out of hand. But Patty, who was trained well in spellcraft, invented a spell to counter her mother's at the age of nine[4].

Teenage-Years and Adulthood[]

" For the witch who is bothered by the noise of a child and would seek to use magic to bring forth peace and quiet, this tome can only say one thing: sometimes a baby just has to cry."
— An extract of Patty's page; On The Place of Magic In The Rearing of a Child.[src]

[2]On The Place of Magic In The Rearing of a Child

Added by TheCharmedfreak

When Patty was seventeen, her father, Allen, was killed by a warlock named Nigel, though Robin was thought to have killed him, and Patty and her mother were devastated over it. Thankfully for Patty, however, she was staying at her aunt Janice's home that night[5].

Just like all other witches before her, she became a formidable foe of demons and warlocks, perhaps motivated by her father's death. She wrote several entries in the Book of Shadows owned by her family, and wrote the entire page on Barbas, the Demon of Fear, though the information was probably second-hand as there is no way that she encountered him. Presumably during her teenage years or just afterwards, Patty became a smoker and was addicted to cigarettes[6].

New Family[]

Patty: "Okay, guys!"
Penny: "Can I just say here-"
Patty: "No!"
— Patty breaking up a fight between her mother and Victor, her husband.[src]

[3]Patty and Victor, c. 1970

Added by HalliwellManorAkaDsc385

By early adulthood, Patty had grown into a powerful and intelligent witch thanks to her mother's assistance. The Council of Elders had assigned her a Whitelighter named Samuel Wilder, who she grew very close to. At some point in the 1960s, Patty met a mortal business-man named Victor Bennett, whom she fell in love with, despite her mother's protests.

They soon married, though Penny disallowed Patty to change her last name to Bennett, and Patty didn't tell her new husband that she or her family were witches. On October 28, 1970, she gave birth to a daughter, who she named "Prudence Halliwell" after the daughter of Melinda Warren, though she was nicknamed "Prue" for short. The three lived happily in the Halliwell Manor, while Penny had moved out into another home, and she soon became pregnant again.

[4]Patty with Piper, her second daughter, in the conservatory.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

On August 8, 1973, Piper Halliwell was born. Shortly afterwards, Prue and Piper developed their powers; telekinesis and freezing respectively, and Patty was forced to, or chose to, tell Victor about her family heritage. He had a hard-time coping with this revelation, and it put a great strain on their marriage.

While Penny was adamant that the girls should be raised to be powerful witches like their mother, Victor insisted they be raised as mortals to protect them from the forces of evil. Patty, who also wanted the girls to be witches, though with a normal life too, acted neutral towards both her mother and husband, wanting to "keep the peace". She also did not seem to want her daughters to be raised like she was, and was irritated when Penny said she was going to teach the girls a new spell, wanting her to bake cookies like a normal grandmother.

She made a baby book for Piper, which was kept in a box with other baby stuff afterwards, and it is likely that she also had one for Prue. It was also said that Patty and her mother protected the girls from many demons and warlocks during their early childhood. It was likely because of a fight with a demon at some point that she believed it was medically impossible for her to conceive another child.

Visit to the Future[]

"So, if I'm the mother of the Charmed Ones, and we could find the grandmother, then maybe we'd be able to recreate the Power of Three. At least in theory."
— Patty's plan for getting them to just before the Ultimate Battle.[src]

[5]Patty accompanies future Piper and Leo to a far-future

Added by ChrisHalliwell

During one afternoon, while Prue and Piper were out of the house, presumably with Penny, their friend Andrew Trudeau or at school, Patty and Victor made love in their bedroom. Shortly afterwards, while still in bed, a man and woman appeared in the room. Immediately believing they were demons, Patty tried to freeze them, but only the man froze. The woman then told her and Victor that she was Piper from the far future, and that the man was her husband, Leonardo "Leo" Wyatt. They then revealed that Phoebe and Paige, Patty's unborn daughters, had been killed in a huge battle and that they used a Cupid's ring to travel back in time to save them. Patty, believing the ring to be unreliable, came up with the theory that they could recreate the Charmed Ones and the Power of Three by combining her magic with future-Piper's and her mother's.

With the Power of Three, they would then cast a spell to take future-Piper and Leo to exactly where they wanted to go. But instead of driving all the way to Penny's home, she asked if the ring could take them to her and left Victor behind. However, future-Piper was not specific enough when she asked to go to "Grams" (the sisters' nickname for her) and the three of them ended up in the future, where Leo and her were grandparents. Afterwards, they arrived succesfully at Penny, but she fainted upon seeing Patty, who had died already in her time, a fact which caused Patty great distress and annoyance. The four of them then arrived at the Ultimate Battle, where they used the spell to remove the Hollow from future-Phoebe, Paige, Billie and Christy Jenkins and the other future-Piper.

[6]Patty holding Chris, while future-Victor is holding Wyatt.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

Leo was then taken away by an Angel of Destiny, as the Ultimate Battle did not take place. Then, Patty's future-grandsons, Wyatt and Christopher, arrived from yet another time, saying that Wyatt's powers had been stolen due to the changes they made in the continuum. Patty then went with Chris and Wyatt to Victor's apartment, so she could see her husband and her grandsons could check on their past-selves. She was then astonished when she was told by Victor that they were divorced, and that she apparently left him for Sam.

Regardless, they caught up and had fun taking care of little-Chris and Wyatt, although she was deeply saddened when he told her that Prue had been killed by Shax several years before. When they returned to the Halliwell Manor, Patty and Penny were taken back to their own times by Coop, though just before they were taken, so they would have no memories of the events. Therefore, Patty had no knowledge of conceiving Phoebe, and went on to believe that it was impossible for her to have more children.

Temporary Break-Up[]

"Yeah, with dad gone she had to pay the bills somehow. I remember she used to come home late at night and she'd kiss me and she always smelt like burgers."
Prue Halliwell reminiscing about her mother working at Buddy's Diner.[src]

[7]Patty working as a waitress at Buddy's Diner.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

It was around the time that Prue was five and Piper was two that Patty grew closer to Sam, her Whitelighter, as he became increasingly involved with her life. Victor was frustrated and irritated by him, and claimed that he was "making moves" on her very early-on. Soon, after increasing frustration and anger, Victor left his family. Patty was presumably very upset about this, now being a single-mother and having no income for the household. Her mother also moved back into the house to help with the children and protect them while their mother was away.

For money, Patty got a job as a waitress at Buddy's, a local restaurant, and worked there well into the night. When her shift did finish, she would return home and kiss her daughters good-night, and Prue later described her as "smelling like burgers" whenever she did. It was during one of these shifts that Patty received a premonition, after feeling a knot in her stomach, and saw three women who she took to be warlocks taking Prue and Piper from the Manor. Later on in the day, Patty asked two women who were at the restaurant if they were ready to order. In the middle of their conversation, another lady told Patty that she had a phone call. Just as she was about to answer the phone, one of the women shouted out that she knew that she was pregnant.

[8]Patty teaching the return spell to Prue and Piper.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

However, Patty told her that it was "medically impossible" for her to conceive, and left the women claiming to be her cousins to get to the phone, where Penny told her that three warlocks had tried to kidnap the girls earlier that day. She then rushed home in the family car, but not before bumping into yet another woman outside Buddy's, who accidentally ran into her and said that she should stop smoking for "her stomach", when really meaning her unborn baby.

At home, Patty had another phone call, but this time it was Victor's voice on the other side, asking her to meet him in an apartment. She quickly got changed, not wanting him to know that she was a waitress, and made her way to the apartment despite Penny's protests. However, once arriving there, Patty was attacked by a warlock named Nicholas, who demanded she give him immunity to her daughters' powers, saying that they were the Charmed Ones. But Patty, not knowing that she was pregnant, told him that she was not the mother of the Charmed Ones, as she had only two daughters, to which Nicholas revealed that the premonition she received earlier that day was from her unborn child. After he threatened to kill her family and children, Patty blessed his ring to grant him immunity and ran off to Penny.

Penny then told her that the three warlocks she saw in her vision had been arrested, so Patty went to jail and bailed them out, knowing that they were not warlocks since they knew about her pregnancy. The three women then revealed that they were her daughters from the future, Prue, Piper and her unborn child Phoebe, named after Patty's favourite aunt, and that they went back to stop her making the pact with Nicholas. After telling them that they were too late, they recovered his ring from the apartment and had Penny unbless it. By using the combined magic of little-Prue, Piper and Phoebe from the womb, the future-sisters were succesfully sent back to their own time.

With Phoebe[]

[9]Patty with Victor, Prue, Piper and Phoebe on Christmas Day.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

"I was never worried about you. You know why? Because I had a premonition the day you were born."
— Patty to Phoebe.[src]

On November 2, 1975, Patty went into labour and, inside the Halliwell Manor, gave birth to her third daughter, named "Phoebe" after her favourite aunt. As soon as Patty gave birth, she received a premonition of her with her three daughters as adults hugging, with Piper wearing a wedding dress. However, Patty and her mother bound hall three of the sisters' powers, and removed their memories of them, presumably to protect them from evil, though the binding was not permanent. Whether before or after Phoebe's birth, Victor returned to the family, a fact which did not bring joy to Penny, though there was now a good source of income for the house. Although her husband had returned and the family was better financially, Patty had fallen in love with Sam Wilder during her seperation with Victor, and had an affair. By late-October, early-November 1976, Patty had conceived a fourth child, whom she kept secret from all but Sam and her mother. About two months later, on Christmas Day, Patty, Victor, Piper, Prue and Phoebe were taped, presumably by Penny or Sam, and the video was kept by Victor for many years afterwards. Christmas presents they gave to the girls included; a Barbie doll for baby Phoebe and several toy bunnies for Piper. At an uncertain time, Victor was in charge of taking pictures at Prue's piano recital, as Patty was too busy holding her breath. He took at least one photo, which was kept on a table in the parlor. Another time, the family planned to go on a picnic, but it rained, so Patty packed up all the stuff, took it home and they ate the picnic on the floor in the parlor instead. It was also noted that, at the age of four, Piper would eat only white food, which presumably made it difficult for Patty to feed her.

Divorce and Fourth Child[]

"It happened after your father and I were divorced, when Sam and I were together."
— Patty concerning Paige's birth.[src]

Early-on in 1977, Victor saved Prue from the Nothing inside the Ice Cream Truck after she was accidentally pulled in. As magic had nearly harmed their daughter again, Victor argued with Patty and Penny, demanding they be raised as mortals. Soon, the two were divorced, and Patty openly declared her relationship with Sam. As her pregnancy began to show, she told Prue, Piper and Phoebe that she was "getting a little fat", rather than having a baby, and secretly gave birth to a daughter on August 2, [[1977. Though she and Sam wanted to keep the baby, who was half-whitelighter, Penny advised them against it, since the Elders would have punished all of the Halliwell family for it. Reluctantly agreeing, Sam orbed himself and Patty to a local church, where a nun named Sister Agnes took the baby. Before giving her up, Patty requested that she go to a good home, and that her name begin with a "P", like all others in the family. Therefore, their daughter was adopted by the Matthews family, and was named Paige.


"You can't be with me up at the lake. This demon is too strong and I can't risk losing you, not for myself or the others you protect. They must as always come first. You know I'd never face this demon if I didn't think I'd be home in time for dinner to see my girls, to see you."
—One of Patty's letters to Sam before fighting the Water Demon.[src]

[10]Patty dead right after being drowned by the Water Demon

Added by CharmedAgainAgain

In 1978, two people had been found drowned on the pier at Camp Skylark, so Patty investigated it. By this time, Sam was away, presumably with another charge, and the two kept in touch with letters. Patty discovered through the Book of Shadows that the Water Demon had taken up residence at the camp's lake, and was killing all that came near it. After telling Sam, she warned him not to go to the lake with her, as she believed that she could handle it and didn't want him to panic. As she arrived on the pier, after saying a final "I love you" to Prue, she decided to use a power cable to seperate the demon's particles, as it was made entirely of water, and also believed that he could use her power to freeze it. However, as she prepared to use the cable, Sam arrived against her wishes, and screamed at her to run from the demon. Patty, not realising the Water Demon was right behind her, ready to strike, froze Sam. In the time it took her, the demon caught her unawares and drowned her from the inside with it's body. Her corpse was found by the police not long after. Prue took her mother's death especially hard; for over 20 years she was unable to say "I love you" to anyone because it was the last thing her mother said to her. She was unwilling to say it to anyone else, afraid she would end up dying young like her mother. Penny then became the guardian of the sisters, and Victor left the family a final time after an attack by a demon.

Early Years as a Spirit[]

"Here these words, hear my cry, spirit from the otherside, come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide."
— The spirit summoning spell, used by Penny to communicate with Patty.[src]

[11]Grams, with Patty watching, gets ready to strip the sisters' powers--but never makes it downstairs.

Added by LeonardoWyatt

After her death, Patty's spirit was taken by an Angel of Death to the Ghostly Plane and, finally, through a portal to the Ancestral Thereafter. Though what she did up there is unknown, she watched over her daughters, her mother and presumably Sam, who had "clipped his wings" and become mortal after failing to save Patty. Her funeral was held at an unknown place during the day, and Penny took the girls down to the beach afterwards to try and cheer them up. Penny would also summon Patty from the Ancestral Plane to discuss the girls in the attic of the Halliwell Manor, where she told the girls that the door was blocked off and un-openable.

Daughters' Early Witch Years[]

Patty: "You must face your fears, Prue. You must trust in the greatest of all powers. Love."
Prue: "Mom?"
— Save yourself. Save your sister. Don't be afraid.[src]

[12]Patty saving Prue.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

In 1998, Penny summoned Patty and told her that she didn't think that the sisters, who were in their twenties, were ready for their powers, and wanted to permanently strip their magic. Patty, however, argued, saying that they didn't have the right to relinquish their destiny as the all-powerful Charmed Ones. In the end, Penny did what she thought was right, and brewed a power stripping potion, but didn't have the time to use it, as she had a heart-attack and died. Patty then introduced her to the afterlife and watched over the rest of her family with her. When the girls went up against Barbas, the Demon of fear, he played on Prue's fear of drowning, which came from her mother's death, but Patty appeared to her as a ghost and helped take away her fear, enabling them to send him to purgatory. Afterwards, using some form of ghostly magic, added a small note to the bottom of Barbas' page while Prue read it. What she wrote was; thanks for letting them into your heart, which referred to the fact that Prue had never told her sisters that she loved them until that day, as that was the last thing Patty said to her before her death. About a year or so afterwards, the sisters managed to vanquish the Water Demon that had killed Patty using the method she planned to use, an electric cable. However, Sam sacrificed himself in order to bring the demon's downfall, though he was happy, as he was going to be with Patty again. In fact, she arrived as a ghost to him in order to escort him to the Ancestral Plane. Unfortunately, Sam did not find peace with her, as he was made a Whitelighter again instead.

Piper's Wedding[]

"After all the Elders put you and Leo through, they wanted to give you something back, so, so they sent me down, just for your wedding day. You know, I think I wore my hair like this for my wedding day."
—Patty after appearing to Piper.[src]

[13]Patty in Piper's Wedding

Added by Leoandpiper

In February, 2001, Patty was sent down to the Halliwell Manor by the Council of Elders for Piper's Handfasting with Leo Wyatt, her Whitelighter, to make up for all that They put the couple through. It could be said that Patty was temporarily resurrected for that day, as she was not a ghost, just simply Piper's mother, and They had her hair styled as it was on her wedding day. She appeared in Piper's bedroom, where she told Piper why and how she was there, and, when Prue and Phoebe entered the room, told them about the premonition she had the day Phoebe was born. They then proceeded downstairs, where Penny, acting as the High Priestess, began the ceremony. However, a man arrived on a motorbike, calling for Prue, who unwillinly astral projected and ran off with him, ruining the wedding. Piper, devastated, left the Manor and headed for P3, where Patty and Victor, who was best-man at the Handfasting, followed her. Patty then tried to tell her that she was destined to be with Leo, but she firmly believed that, after Penny's failed four marriages and six engagements and Patty's divorce, that all Halliwells were destined to be alone. After returning to the Manor, Penny reappeared and said that the Elders had sent her to take Patty back, but Phoebe told her that she had five more minutes until midnight. At nearly the last second, Piper also returned, and the wedding went ahead, after which Patty went back to the afterlife.

Meeting Paige Matthews[]

[14]Patty hugging Paige.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

"Welcome home."
— Patty welcoming Paige into the Halliwell family.[src]

On May 17th, 2001, Patty's eldest daughter, Prue, was murdered by the demon Shax, the personal assassin of the Source of All Evil. When her spirit was sent to the Ancestral Plane, Patty and her mother worked hard to get her through her death and adjusting to the afterlife. A while after, Piper summoned Penny to question her as to why the Source thought that the Charmed Circle could be reconstituted. After refusing to tell her due to her pact of secrecy, Patty appeared and revealed her affair with Sam and giving birth to a fourth daughter, who was part-witch, part-Whitelighter. Not long after telling them the story, an inspector named Cortez arrived in the attic and, upon seeing Patty and Penny as ghosts, threatened to have them exposed. Once Penny and Phoebe had sent the inspector to Timbuktu, Patty and her mother returned to the Ancestral Plane, leaving the rest up to them. The following night, Piper and Phoebe summoned Patty back to them, where she met the daughter she never got to know, Paige Matthews.

Saving Piper[]

"Piper, I know why you've been so afraid. You don't want to leave your baby the way I left you. But spells won't make that fear go away, only faith will. Have faith that your destiny is different than mine. Take my hand, sweetie."
— Patty before saving Piper from her death by drowning.[src]

[15]Patty magically writing beneath a picture of her and Piper.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit

In 2001, Piper became pregnant with her first child, who she assumed to be a daughter and was to name her "Prudence Melinda Halliwell". Patty, who had presumably been "peeking" from the Ancestral Plane or had been told by the Elders, came to know about the child. A year after meeting Paige, Patty appeared as a ghost to Piper as she was drowning, just as she had done to Prue about four years previously. As Piper was under the influence of a Fearless Spell to help her cope with her pregnancy side-effects, Patty told her that spells wouldn't help and that only faith would. She also acknowledged that she was afraid of leaving her child like Patty had to her, before saving her from her death. Afterwards, as Piper went through her baby book and came across a picture of her being read a book by her mother, Patty magically wrote a caption on the page just as how she had done when writing a message to Prue through the Demon of Fear page in the Book of Shadows. She wrote, for Piper's child, the words; Grandma and Mommy.

Chris' Wiccaning[]

"We have to reverse the siblings spell and get the girls back to being adults so that they can vanquish this thing. Whoever it is."
— Patty arguing Victor's case against her mother.[src]

Two years after, Penny, who had previously been brought to earth by Phoebe and Paige, summoned Patty. She found out that her mother had cast a spell that resolves sibling rivalry on Wyatt and Chris, Piper's sons, though it had actually transferred the rivalry to the sisters instead. Believing that Leo was after Wyatt, after seeing an evil doppelganger of him, did not want to reverse the spell as Piper would be devastated at the news that Leo was after her son. Victor, however, who had arrived for Chris' wiccaning, wanted to break the spell so that they could vanquish the evil-Leo. Patty, who was summoned in order to act as a third party, agreed with Victor, causing Penny to feel un-needed and left. Patty then, using a reversal spell she invented when she was nine, reversed the spell and got them to go after the demon-Leo. After realising that Wyatt had conjured the demon as a way of blaming himself for his parents' split, just as Piper had had bad dreams called night terrors, they managed to erase demon-Leo and return Wyatt to the Manor. After wondering what it would have been like if she and Victor had been able to raise the girls, Penny returned and, as a High Priestess, performed Chris' wiccaning, after which she and Patty left for the afterlife.

Physical Description[]

Piper Halliwell: "She's so beautiful."
Prue Halliwell: "Yeah, she is."
— Piper and Prue upon seeing Patty from 1975.[src]

When Prue, Piper and Phoebe went back in time to stop their mother making the pact with Nicholas, they saw Patty working as a waitress and described her as beautiful. She had brown-eyes and hair that she would change from brown to blonde, having very light hair while conceiving Phoebe but dark brown after finding out she was pregnant. It was pointed out in 1999 that she often wore a sandalwood-scented perfume, though she smelt like burgers whenever she came home from Buddy's and kissed Prue goodnight. On her wedding day, Patty styled her brown-blonde hair lightly-curled. As a ghost, Patty often wore light-coloured clothes, such as white and blues, but opted for much more colourful and complicated fashions while alive. Her second daughter, Piper, was said to have inherited her looks, though Mrs. Johnson did see similarities between Prue and Patty.

Personality and Traits[]

"His appearance is attributed to the universal convergence of negative energies as derived from astrological charts."
— A wordy extract from Patty's page on Barbas displaying her knowledge [src]

Patty was very intelligent, able to write an entire page of the Book of Shadows on Barbas, the Demon of Fear, come up with the theory to recreate the Power of Three by combining three Halliwell generations, and knowing to vanquish the Water Demon by seperating it's particles using a power cable. The material she wrote on the Barbas page also shows her intelligence, as she refers to astronomical convergences in astrological charts. She was also very kind and dedicated to her family, though not afraid to stick up for what she thought was right. Patty would listen to her mother's wise advise always, but would disagree with her if she thought she was wrong, such as when she planned to bind the girls powers, or when she did not want to reverse the spell that resolves sibling rivalry.

Powers and Abilities[]

[16]Patty freezing Sam prior to her death.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit*Basic Powers

    • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals. Patty had particular skill in this field, as she was able to create spells to counter her mother at the age of only nine-years old, though the grammar was quite incorrect.
    • Potion making: The ability to brew potions.
    • Scrying: The ability to scry for a person or object by the use of a scrying crystal and a map.
  • Active Powers
    • Molecular Immobilization: The ability to slow molecules down to the point that they freeze. This is Patty's primary power which she channels through her hands.
  • Other Powers
    • High Resistance: This power causes her to be resistant to powers such as Fire balls and other lethal powers.
    • Agility: The ability that provides the user with great skill in the material arts.
    • Summoning: The ability to draw or transport a being or objects to the users presence no matter where they are.
  • Spirit Powers
    • Orb-Like Teleportation: As a ghost, Patty possessed the power to teleport through white-lights. This power, much like orbing, surrounded her in swirling white lights, until she vanished and appeared elsewhere. It appears that every ghost of a witch is granted this power upon death, possibly by the Elders.
    • Projection: Patty used some form of projection to write a message to Prue on the Barbas page of the Book of Shadows from the Ancestral Plane, and later a note beneath a picture of her and Piper in a baby book.
  • Temporary Powers
    • Premonition: When Patty was pregnant with her third child, Phoebe Halliwell, she received visions from her unborn baby's power. Two such visions were when she saw her daughters from the future taking her present children from the Manor, and when she saw her on Piper's wedding day before Phoebe's birth.


[17]Patty's ring.

Added by Butterfly the rabbit*Ring: Patty had a silver ring while she was alive, which the sisters kept for years after her death to remind them of her. Piper eventually gave the ring to Leo, so he could give it back at the perfect romantic moment. Unfortunately, he lost it because of all his orbing around, but, thanks to a Lost and Found Spell cast by Phoebe, the ring was recovered. It was later used as Piper's wedding ring after her Handfasting.

  • Love letters: Patty sent various letters to Sam while they were a couple and he was away with other charges. Sam kept them long after her death in his shed at Camp Skylark.
  • Spirit Board: Patty owned a Spirit Board during her life, and engraved it with a message to her daughters some time before her death. The board was later inherited by Phoebe.
  • Book of Shadows: Just as all other Warren witches inherited the family's Book of Shadows, Penny passed it down to Patty. She wrote a few new pages for the tome, including an entire page on the Demon of Fear, Barbas, and an article titled "On The Place of Magic In The Rearing of a Child", which was apparently based on her childhood.
  • Halliwell Manor: Patty inherited the family house on Prescott Street from her mother, who moved away to another home while Patty lived there with Victor Bennett. However, Penny moved back in to help out after Victor left her, and lent her car to her. After Patty's death, the Manor went back to her mother, who apparently lived there a while with Victor, who returned to look after the girls.



[18]Penny Halliwell.

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Penny: "Where's Patty?"
Allen: "I dropped her off at my sister's. She's gonna crash there tonight."
— Patty's parents before a be-in at the Manor.[src]

Patty was born to a thirteen year old Penny Johnson and a twenty year old Allen Halliwell. As a child, Penny would use spells on her to keep her in line, while teaching her the ways of magic and witchcraft. Her father died when she was seventeen, which presumably brought her great distress, though she still had her mother. Penny was very kind and loving to Patty, helping her whenever she needed her, and even moving in with her to help out after Victor's departure and lending her car to her. Patty was respectful and just as caring towards her mother, though not afraid to disagree with her upon occasion. She was also very grateful for Penny, as she raised the sisters as her own.

Victor Bennett[]

"Honestly, I look back at those days as the best of my life. I loved your mother, she was the best thing that ever happened to me until the three of you came along."
— Victor speaking with the sisters.[src]

Patty met Victor Bennett at an unknown time, presumably in the sixties. The two fell madly in love and married, though Penny forbade Patty to change her last name to "Bennett". They had their first child after their marriage, and they named her "Prue Halliwell", not Bennett, likely because of Penny again. Though the couple were extremely happy together, Victor left her and their two daughters (Prue and Piper) after learning of magic, though he later returned. Despite loving Victor, she later had an affair with her Whitelighter, Samuel Wilder, after much arguing about the sisters' futures with Victor. They soon divorced, though they made up after Patty died and saw him several times as a ghost. However, Victor held a huge grudge towards Sam and Whitelighters in general from the divorce onwards.

Prue Halliwell[]

Patty: "Oh, Prue. It's been so hard on you, unfair."
Prue: "Yeah... no, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to make you proud."
Patty: "You protected this family better than I could. I'm so proud of you."
— Patty speaking with Prue before Piper's wedding to Leo.[src]

[19]A photo of Patty with Prue at a piano recital.

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Patty's first child was a daughter who she named Prue Halliwell. She loved her very much, and was very proud of her, as she was unable to take photos of her at her piano recital because she was too busy holding her breath. Also, she would kiss Prue goodnight whenever she came home from Buddy's late at night, and smelt of burgers. It was Prue who was most affected by Patty's death, as the last thing she had heard her mother say was "I love you", rendering her unable to say it to anyone else. Patty saved Prue from drowning after an attack by Barbas, and later told her that she thanked her for letting her sisters into her heart by finally telling them that she loved them. When Patty returned to earth for Piper's wedding, she told Prue of how proud she was of her and how well she had taken care of her sisters. After Prue died, Patty and Penny helped her adjust to "living" in the Ancestral Plane away from her sisters, and had to help her through that emotional time.

Piper Halliwell[]

"I always thought you'd be the first to get married. You're the heart of this family, Piper."[]

— Patty speaking with Piper before her wedding.[src]

Patty's second daughter with Victor Bennett was named "Piper Halliwell". Piper inherited her mother's looks, aswell as her power to freeze, and several individuals said that the two were very alike. Patty made a baby book for her, which contained a picture of her reading a book to her in the conservatory. After Patty's death, Piper was very upset, though did not have quite as many memories as Prue did, and was so not quite as affected. Many years later, Patty was temporarily ressurected by the Elders for Piper's wedding to Leo Wyatt, and persuaded her to continue with the ceremony after Prue and a man named T.J spoilt the Handfasting. Roughly a year and a half later, Patty saved her from drowning after her vanquishing of Necron, a skeletal being, and told her that she should have faith that she would not leave her child as she left her. She later attended her youngest grandson's wiccaning and helped solve the mystery of her eldest grandson's kidnap.

[20]Patty with Phoebe at Christmas.

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Phoebe Halliwell[]

Patty: "And you, my baby, you feel it all, don't you? I was never there to comfort you. I died before you even knew me."
Phoebe: "Some nights I just wanted you to hold me."
Patty: "Your road's been the longest, Phoebe. But I was never worried about you."
— Patty speaking with Phoebe.[src]

Patty's third and final daughter with Victor was named "Phoebe Halliwell", after her favourite aunt, Phoebe. While she was pregnant with her, she had a premonition, which came from unborn Phoebe's power. In fact, the day she gave birth to her, she had a premonition of her hugging her three daughters as young women, which made her not worry about Phoebe. Unfortunately, she was killed by the Water Demon before her and Phoebe got to know each other, which left her daughter no memories of her after her death. When she returned to life for Piper's wedding day, she told Phoebe about the premonition, and that she thought her road was the hardest, not having remembered her mother or father. Thankfully, they did get the chance to know each other a little when Phoebe and her sisters time-travelled to the 1970s, and the few times that Patty arrived to them as a ghost.

Paige Matthews[]


—Patty meeting her long lost daughter in disbelief.[src]

[21]Patty with Paige, Piper and Phoebe

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Patty had a fourth child to Samuel Wilder, her whitelighter, which meant she had to give up her daughter to avoid repercussions by the Elders. Sam and Patty took their newborn child to a local church, where a nun, Sister Agnes took her to the Mark and Helen Matthews. The girl was named Paige Matthews, as Patty had requested her name begin with the letter "p", like all Halliwells. After Prue's death, Patty told Piper and Phoebe, aswell as Leo and Cole, about Paige and later welcomed her to the family. They later developed a relationship afterwards, as Patty visited several times as a ghost, such as during Chris' wiccaning.

Charmed Comics[]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Patty was portrayed by Alyssa Milano in Thank You For Not Morphing, an unnamed actress in From Fear to Eternity, and Finola Hughes from then on. As both Prue and Piper were said to have inherited their mother's looks, it is ironic that it was Phoebe's actor that first portrayed her.
  • In the whole series there were only two occasions where we see Patty use her freezing power. The first was in P3 H2O when Phoebe saw her use the ability to keep Sam out of harms way in a premonition. The second was when Piper and Leo went back to 1975 in Forever Charmed, Patty mistook the two for demons and tried to freeze them, but only froze Leo. This implies that Patty's power worked in the same way that Piper's did and therefore couldn't freeze good witches.
  • At first, it was thought that Patty was drowned by a warlock, when, in reality, it was the Water Demon. Whether the Halliwell sisters were misinformed or just assumed is unknown.

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