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A powerful magical ingredient, the Payatha Root is a rare root found in undisturbed, forested areas and can be used in the mystical practice of Divining. Properly prepared, the Payatha will allow a witch to pick up on cosmic signals and magical signs that would otherwise go unseen. With the root, a witch can also pick up calls sent through the wind by other beings proficient in magical practice.

Piper and Billie Use the Payatha Root[]


Piper while preparing Payatha

Hoping to find signs and signals that would led her to the unknown force that she and her sisters were to battle before her husband would be returned to her, Piper Halliwell gathered Payatha Root and prepared it in a cauldron in the attic of Halliwell Manor. Because the cauldron didn't display a sign she was open to, she didn't realized that an ancient symbol of the Zodiacs appeared in the Cauldron. She tended to other matters involving her sisters but then returned to the attic where Billie Jenkins was preparing the Payatha in order to help Piper find her signs.


Billie tosses the root into the cauldron


Billie and Piper see the sign

Billie advised Piper that she must take care in preparing the Payatha or it will not work as it is supposed to. The two then backed away from the cauldron and Billie threw the root in it. There was a small explosion and smoke and then the two women looked in the cauldron and say the ancient Chinese symbol. The symbol led them to a Chinese laundry service in China Town, where they encountered a demure Chinese man known as Lo Pan, who ended up being a Guardian of the Sacred Garden where the Zodiacs pass on a mystical staff known as Buddha's Staff once a year. Lo Pan then shared with the two witches that he sent a call in the wind hoping they would pick up on it.