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The Penjing

An ancient Asian tree, the Penjing Tree, 盆景 (in Chinese), is a miniatrue tree reminiscent of a Bonsai tree. Unlike Bonsai trees, the Penjing tree, also known as Penzai, is more varied in shape and wild-looking, whereas Bonsai trees are more refined. The tree is often used in potted landscapes.

Lo Pan Shows Bille the Tree[]

Wanting to help Billie master her Projection power, Lo Pan brought Billie before a dying Penjing tree that lay within the Sacred Garden, explaining to her it's like all things that surround us, and like all things, it follows a cycle that it was nearing the end of. He told Billie that she has the power to see its cycle at the beginning again,


The tree before Billie used her projection power

to project what she wills upon it, and that she must reach within herself to her power. As he told Billie to see what she wanted to see, Billie focused on the tree and reverse it's cycle causing it to bloom again and become full with leaves. Lo Pan told her she can use her projection power in the same way to see her sister.