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When the Charmed Ones Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews were informed that a powerful Warlock known as Devlin was organizing factions of other warlocks in order to take over the Underworld and capturing Muses to help him attain his goal to be Leader of the Underworld, Phoebe was influenced by her Muse, Melody and created two spells to aid in vanquishing Devlin.

Warlock Spell 1[]

Evil is a faithful foe,
But good does battle best.
We witches will, with these words,
Waste this warlock's evil zest.

Used to vanquish Devlin.

Warlock Spell 2[]

A warlock is a funny thing,
He blinks from place to place.
And when we say these words to him,
His face they will erase.