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Training to be Phoebe Halliwell[]

In 2005, Phoebe, Pilar, and Patra trained to be the charmed ones as they were shown in the first scene as their last training she kicked a demon while Pilar vanquished it. Savard didn't really like their training and thinks they're still not ready for the revenge. She then morphed back and talks with Patra and Pilar so they decide what they do.

As Phoebe Halliwell[]

In 2005 in an elevator Savard pretended to be one of the members in Bay Mirror and put a sleeping spell on Phoebe and took her jacket while Phoenix teleports in and shapeshifted as Phoebe while Savard told him what to do. She then returned home and pretended to be Phoebe as she kinda got problems with Piper