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Pier and Pescadero
Pescadero !
Location Information
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America

Pier and Pescadero is a street and an avenue that merge and intersect in the city of San Francisco, California, USA.

In 2001, a powerful and elite group of Upper-Level demons known as the Brotherhood of the Thorn took over an investment bank that was financing a merger between two ISPs, Luxirom and MetaSatelite.[1] The merged company would have controlled nearly all of the world's Internet traffic. However, one of the bank's CEOs, Frank Pirelli, had second thoughts about the merger. Therefore, the second in command in the Brotherhood known as Vornac as well as other members, Tarkin, Klea and Trigg divulged a plot to kill Frank and have Vornac himself pose as Pirelli at the vote where it would be decided whether or not the merger would go through. Pier and Pescadero served as the location where Pirelli would be in a limo being taken to vote.

Cole Turner and the Charmed Ones got wind that the Brotherhood had Pirelli in its sights. At considerable risk, Cole, who had been a high-profile member of the Brotherhood when he was Belthazor, pretended to rejoin his former friends. The Brotherhood was naturally suspicious, and decided to test his loyalty by having him kill Pirelli with an energy ball.

Vornac, Tarkin, Klea, Trigg and Cole shimmered to Pier and Pescadero and awaited the limo carrying Frank. It emerged from a parking garage at the corn of the two streets and the plan was set into motion. Just as Cole threw an energy ball, Piper froze the scene, and Leo orbed Pirelli to the Manor for safekeeping until the vote. Vornac then glamoured into Pirelli and pretended to be thrown from the limo onto the street.


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