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Pilar, Patra and Phoenix in Magic School

Enslaved for centuries by the Slave King, Pilar, Patra and Phoenix are female demons that managed to escape the King in the twentieth century in hopes of gaining enough power to use against the King, freeing their demonic breed.

Identification of the Three Demons[]



The most opinionated of the trio of demons, Pilar made sure her voice was heard in discussion with Phoenix, Patra and Savard. Although her suggestions were often overruled, she made it a point to get them across. Her role in the trio was similar to that of Piper Halliwell's role amongst herself, Paige and Phoebe but unlike Piper, Pilar was rude, less understanding and highly critical of her demonic cohorts.

Quick Facts[]

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Notable Powers: Shapeshifting, Fire Balls, Teleportation



Less opinionated than Pilar, Phoenix was more of the brains behind the trio of the demons, coming up with the plan used to try to acquire the Power of Three. She was quick on her toes, a trait that came in handy tricking Piper and Paige into thinking she was Phoebe. Her role amongst the trio of demons was similar to that of Phoebe's, but unlike Phoebe, Phoenix was extremely defensive.

Quick Facts[]

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Notable Powers: Shapeshifting, Fire Balls, Teleportation, Apportation



Quieter and more demure than her cohorts, Patra followed the orders of Savard and her friends without complaint. She managed to trick Piper into searching for the vanquishing potion which was used to destroy the slave king. Unlike Paige, Patra was less talkative and seemed a lot more reserved than her friends.

Quick Facts[]

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White
Notable Powers: Shapeshifting, Fire Balls, Teleportation

Living as the Charmed Ones[]

Around the beginning of the twenty-first century, Pilar, Patra and Phoenix, assisted by their overlord Savard, managed to acquire blood of the Charmed Ones and infused their own blood with the Charmed Ones' bloods in order to gain the Charmed sisters' powers of Freezing, Blowing Up, Premonition, Levitation and Telekinetic Orbing. With the sisters' powers, the three demons focused on training to harness not only their demonic powers but the newly acquired Wiccan powers and their physical strength. But although they acquired the individual powers of each sister, they were never able to display the Power of Three, the bond and strength unique to the three Charmed Ones.

The Power of Three[]


Devising a plan to acquire the Power of Three

After eight years of training for Pilar and Phoenix, five for Patra, Savard grew frustrated that the three demons were not able to show the Power of Three in any battle he arranged for them. At Magic School, which was claimed by evil, he tried to get the three demons to tap into their knowledge of the three sisters to try to find a way to harness the Power of Three. The demons suggested possibly trapping Phoebe Halliwell in a Genie's bottle recalling how she was trapped in Jinny's bottle two years prior, so that they could command her into telling them how to harness the power. But they recalled Leo Wyatt got rid of the bottle. They then suggested using the Sword of Excalibur but remembered only Wyatt Halliwell could wield its power. It was then suggested that maybe Patra could take on Paige Matthews' identity and trick the Elders into helping them, but Pilar who didn't think it would work.


Savard shimmers out of the Attic with the dollhouse

As the three demons began to argue, Savard shouted at them, telling them to knock it off, commenting on their sibling rivalry, and Pilar then suggested using the Charmed Ones' dollhouse, recalling that it was a magical replica of Halliwell Manor. They suggested that if they could trap the Charmed Ones inside the dollhouse, just as Piper was once before with Leo Wyatt, they would have the Power of Three contained and they could possible tap into the power and channel it for themselves.

Savard approved of the plan and shimmered to the Attic of the Manor where he found the dollhouse covered in a purple blanket in a corner. He then shimmered away with the dollhouse as Piper walked into the Attic.

Phoenix Takes on Phoebe's Identity[]


While Phoebe was at work, Savard awaited for her in an elevator and when she walked in, he used his power on her, causing her to fall to the floor. He pulled her jacket from her and Phoenix appeared. He gave the jacket to her as she transformed into Phoebe, telling her to take on Phoebe's identity and that the car keys were in the pocket. Savard told her to act like Phoebe so as to not tip Piper and Paige off. he then placed his hand on Phoebe and the two shimmered away living Phoenix in the elevator, where she proceeded back to Halliwell Manor. Savard then trapped Phoebe in the dollhouse in his lair.


Phoebe walked around the dollhouse realizing where she was and walked out of replica of the Manor and saw she was in a demonic lair, but Savard shimmered in and tried to step on her but she ran back into the house. He picked the dollhouse up and placed it on a raise piece of earth, warning her that first time it would be a foot, the next time, it would be a fire ball.


Phoenix conjures mandrake

As Piper was making a potion to summon a Wizard known as Zakal and talking to Paige, Phoenix walked in as Phoebe but Piper asked her where the mandrake root was that she asked Phoebe to pick up. Paige reminded her that it was for the Wizard situation and Phoenix then asked if they would need the Power of Three. Piper said that she knows they will and asked what was the matter with her. She then just brushed her confusion off because of the whole move Phoebe was planning. She then reached in her pocket and conjured a mandrake root to avoid suspicion and threw it in the potion as she told them it was time to get the demons.


Phoenix as she throws the potion

They then summoned Zakal but he was uncooperative so Piper blasted him against the wall of the Attic and asked if he had or had not foreseen any threats against them. He told them that he was old and afraid that his visions hadn't been variable reliable lately. Phoenix then told Piper and Paige that it was bull and was ready to throw the potion but the two sisters stopped her. Piper told him that if he told them, they would spare him. He said all he would tell them is that by the time they figure out which demon was after them, it would be too late. Phoenix then threw the potion, vanquishing Zakal. Piper and Paige then questioned her but she told them that Zakal wasn't going to tell them anything anyway.


Pilar and Patra appeared to Savard as Phoebe watched from the dollhouse, and the two told Savard that it worked, Phoenix blasted Zakal right out of his robe using the Power of Three. He then told them it was time to switch one more sister. Pilar asked why one more, why not both of them and they could vanquish the Slave King, but Savard told her that they cannot vanquish the King without a potion, which meant they need one of the Charmed Ones to find it for them in the Book of Shadows. Pilar suggested they could find it in the Book but Savard told her that they might be able to fool the sisters but they could not fool the Book because it senses evil. Savard then told Patra that she would go and play on Piper's desire to get Leo back as Paige to make it look like the Slave Kind was behind the whole thing because Piper would do anything to get her husband back.

Phoenix and the two sisters continued arguing about Zakal but then she went to Phoebe's room, where Billie Jenkins was researching demons. Not knowing Billie was in the room, Phoenix put her ear to the door, trying to hear if Piper and Paige were talking about her, but then to her surprise, Billie asked what she was doing.


Phoenix as she tells Billie to give up

Phoenix then asked what she was doing there, and Billie reminded her that she said it was okay if she wanted to use her room when she wanted to research demons. Phoenix pretended to know what Billie was talking about and asked her to tell her how her search for "Chrissie" was going.

Phoenix told her "yeah, whatever", causing Billie to grow suspicious but she explained her findings to which Phoenix told her the story was boring and that she should just give up because it wasn't like she was going to find her sister anyway and she left the room.

Patra Takes on Paige's Identity[]


Patra as she shapeshifts into Paige

As Paige was trying to convince a Leprechaun help Henry Mitchell, Savard appeared behind Paige, he waved his hand across her face, causing her to fall to the floor, unconscious. Patra appeared and shapeshifted into Paige as Savard and the real Paige dematerialized. Paige was now trapped in the dollhouse with Phoebe. The two tried to orb out but her powers were downsized and didn't work. She saw Savard outside the house and tried to orb a rock at him, but it merely caused the rock only to shake. Savard heard dirt fall from the wall and looked at Phoebe and Paige.


Phoebe explained to Paige that they planned to use the Power of Three to vanquish a demon known as the Slave King and Paige told her that had to get to Piper somehow before the demons did. As they tried to figure out away Patra proceeded with her plan to trick Piper into thinking she was Paige. She then ran into Patra as Paige, who tricked her into thinking she was really Paige and that she was onto the demons and Savard. But she revealed she was kidding and that she was Patra.

Tricking Piper[]


Patra and Phoenix as Paige and Phoebe

The two of them then proceeded to the Attic to follow through with their plan where Patra told Piper that "Phoebe" was there to apologize for vanquishing Zakal. Patra then told her that she had a lead from the "Whitelighter grape-vine" that it turned out there was a fast rising demon in the Underworld known as the Slave King. Phoenix went along with her, saying she heard of the demon but when Piper said she hadn't they told her the Elders have and that they should track him down to see if they could find anything. Piper was hesitant telling her that they should focus on a demonic Seer that she found.

Patra told her no and that the Elders said the King was pretty evil, having enslaved an entire demonic race for centuries. But Piper said that that sounded like a good thing. Patra told her it wasn't and that he was forcing them to do his demonic bidding and that they should check on him and they should look in the Book of Shadows to see if there was anything about the King.


Piper placed the Book of Shadows on its stand and flipped through the pages to find the King as Patra and Phoenix stood behind her a great distance not to alert the Book that they were evil. Piper located the entry and told the two that he was powerful but he was no Seer, wondering why he would know who's after them and said that the Elders didn't know what they were talking about. Patra asked her who were they to question the Elders, but Piper reminded her that they question them all the time and Patra responded that maybe they knew something that they didn't.


Patra asked if there was a vanquishing potion but when Piper told her there wasn't, Phoenix told her to flip to the back of the Book. Lights surrounded Piper for a brief second and she felt that someone was calling her, it was her sisters from within the dollhouse, but they were not strong enough to call her. She asked Phoenix and Patra if they felt anything but they said they didn't. Piper flipped a few pages of the Book and Phoenix asked her if it was the vanquishing potion. Piper turned around questioning what was wrong with the two of them and Phoenix and she punched Piper in the face, knocking her to the ground. Patra then orbed Piper to the cave as Pilar appeared and shapeshifted into Piper.


Reading the potion

She then proceeded a distance from the Book and read that they would need Henbane, Gypsy's Blood and Hemlock Root.

Savard then blasted Piper into the dollhouse where Phoebe and Paige ran to her as Savard closed the doors. They discussed what had happened and suggested that they could possibly have enough strength to get through to the Spirit Board, which Billie had with her in Phoebe's room. Piper wondered if their grandmother made a replica of it in the dollhouse. They found that she did, and they tried to commune with Billie.


Billie receives the message

As Billie was on her computer, the pointer on the Spirit Board began to move, and she noticed it spelled out "D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E". She then went to the Attic where the three demons were creating their vanquishing potion, adding mustard seed to it. She explained that she got a message from the spirit board and Pilar asked what kind of message. When Billie revealed it spelled out "dollhouse", Phoenix covered saying that they got rid of it. Billie said that she saw Wyatt playing with it a few days prior. Pilar told her they would look for it later because they had a demon to vanquish.


Phoenix pushes Billie

Billie grew frustrated asking if they thought it could mean something and the three demons then told Billie to leave, Patra told her that they didn't have time for her "crap" at the moment and called her a "giant pain in the ass". Phoenix then pushed Billie down and Pilar told her she didn't know why they kept her around. Patra then orbed her to the front porch and they shapeshifted back to their normal appearances.

Vanquishing the Slave King and Their Destruction[]


The finished the potion and teleported to the Slave King's lair where the King ordered them to come closer. He questioned where Savard was and Phoenix told him that he was waiting for them to bring him the good news. The Kind asked what good news they were talking about and Pilar told him of his demise. The King ordered his guards to kill them but the three through their potions at him, destroying him and the guards in a fiery explosion. The three couldn't believe what the had just achieved.


Back in the dollhouse, the sisters devised a plan to kill Savard that required Paige to try to orb a rock with a pointed object in it closer to the dollhouse. Piper who was standing on a deck on the roof of the dollhouse called for Savard telling him they wanted to have a chat. Paige then orbed the pointed objects closer to the house and as Savard asked what they wanted, Piper blasted him, knocking him backwards causing him to fall onto the ground, head-first into the pointed object, destroying him in a fiery blast. They then planned to get out of the dollhouse but the three demons appeared questioning where Savard was.


Sucked into the dollhouse

Pilar questioned how the sisters could have killed him and as she, Patra and Phoenix approached the dollhouse, Piper explained that although their individual powers were diminished, maybe the Power of Three wasn't and if they could get the three demons to stop channelling their power and use their own demonic powers then she, Phoebe and Paige could get the Power of Three back. The three sisters then provided to taunt the demons, making them feel they had to steal the Power of Three because their own powers weren't strong enough.


Pilar, Patra and Phoenix then conjured balls of fire and threw it at the house but Paige managed to orb herself, her sisters and the house back to the Attic of the Manor. Billie then walked up to the dollhouse and the sisters told her to swap powers with the demons to vanquish them. The three demons then materialized and Phoenix threw a Fire Ball at Billie but she ducked and recited a revised version of the power swapping spell switching the words "powers" with "bodies", resulting in the three demons being transported into the dollhouse, while the Charmed Ones were released from it.

Piper then blew up the dollhouse, destroying the three demons.