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Piper Halliwell's Tan Boots
Pipers Tan Boots
Piper's boots covered in green demon blood
Basic Information
Seen in How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
Relevance The final straw contributing to Piper wanting to give up her Wiccan powers
Physical Information
Color Tan with black high top
Material Suede body, leather high top
"It's the third damn pair this month". - Piper's response when her sisters ask what she is doing throwing her boots away.[1]

Piper Halliwell's Tan Boots were a pair of tan colored boots that were a favorite of hers, until a demon vanquish led to the boots being covered in green demonic blood. The destruction of the boots came at a time when the sisters Aunt Gail showed up at Halliwell Manor planning to separate the girls from their powers so she and her friends Helen and Amanda could give them to the demon Cryto in exchange for youth and beauty. The boots served as only a minute contribution to what Piper was really upset about - how magic was constantly interferring with her life - more specifically, her love life. Piper ended up disgarding the boots, because she couldn't think of anything to tell the show repairman about the blood.

After Gail successfully retrieved the potion to strip a witch from her powers, she returned to her home and brewed the potion with her friends. The one catch was that she would have to get the Halliwells to imbibe the potion and then she and her coven would recite a spell to steal the sisters' powers.

Gail was successful in luring the Charmed to her home and had them drink the potion, after which she told the girls to leave, sending them on a pointless hunt for Cryto. She and her friends recited the spell to summon Cryto and then imbued him with the powers of the Charmed Ones.

When Piper and her sisters discovered what Gail had done, Piper was reluctant to go up against Cryto; she stated that she was sick and tired of how their constant battles with evil beings lead to so many personal belongings, relationships and friendships being shattered or destroyed. She was tired of not being able to break up with Dan Gordon properly and moving on with her real love Leo Wyatt.

Piper's new boots

After Prue and Phoebe convinced Piper to help them vanquish Cryto and get their powers back, they tracked down Cryto, made the potion to retrieve their powers, had Cryto consume it and then chanted the spell calling their powers back into their bodies. They were all glad to have their powers back and to show how grateful they were to Piper, Prue and Phoebe replaced the tan boots with an identical pair.


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