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Approximately four inches in height, Piper and Leo's Wedding Cake Topper is a breakable figurine of a bride and groom looking at one another as the bride holds a bouquet of flowers that was placed atop Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt's wedding cake in 2001. After the wedding, Piper placed the topper in an antique curio cabinet in the conservatory of Halliwell Manor along with a wedding photo of her and Leo and other photos and objects that were important to her.

Crushed by the Familiar Hunting Warlock[]

In 2003, a Familiar Hunting Warlock planned to attack the Charmed Ones' former Familiar Kit who had transformed into a human known as Katrina. At this time, Piper and Leo were having marriage difficulties that ultimately affected Piper's powers leading the two to seek marriage counseling.

At the counselors office the two were still unable to converse without arguing so Piper cast a spell hoping it would relinquish their animosity but instead it resulted in Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews travelling into Piper and Leo's memories as the two discussed their past with the counselor. But not only did Phoebe and Paige travel into the memories, but the Familiar Hunting Warlock did as well, where he constantly tried to kill Kit.

One of the memories that the couple recalled was the day the two were married where Prue's Astral Projection ruined their initial attempt to get married when a man that her projection was dating stormed into the Manor on a motorcycle. Phoebe and Paige appeared in the memory and hid in order not to change the past. When the man stormed in, he drove over part of a table cloth belonging to the table where the couple's wedding cake was placed.

After Prue's projection took over, she got on the motorcycle and the two drove out of the Manor dragging the table cloth, causing the cake to fall on the floor. The wedding cake topper slide across the floor and as Piper, Leo, and the others retreated, the Familiar Hunting Warlock appeared and stepped on the topper, crushing it. In reality, Piper immediately felt a pain in her heart, gasping when the topper was crushed.


The disappearance of the bride and groom wedding cake topper foreshadows the break up of Piper and Leo in the next season.