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Housed within the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows, the Potion to Lure an Evil Spirit is a potion that can be used to make an evil spirit seek thee out forthwith. It is similar to the to Lure an Evil Spirit potion but requires Hydrochloric acid rather than Mercury and Acid.

The page was seen just before an Avatars' demonic head came floating by while Leo Wyatt was searching for something to defeat Barbas in the Book of Shadows at he learned the demon was working with Gideon in a plot to annihilate Wyatt Halliwell.[1]

The Potion[]


A scan of the entry

Potion to Lure an Evil Spirit
Gather the blood of the Spirit's victim
Mix it with hydrochloric acid in a
blessed silver chalice
Leaving an epistle of your name
and a counterfeit of your face
Pour the potion over the grave of
the one who is evil.
He will seek thee out forthwith.


  1. Season 7, A Call to Arms