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Premonition of Abbey Killing Prue Halliwell
Prue-Dead Premonition
Premonition Information
  • Touch of a Photograph
Individuals Involved
  • Prue Halliwell & Abbey

Background Information[]

In the season 3 episode Sight Unseen, Abbey, an assistant manager hired at Piper Halliwell's club P3 develops a psychotic obsession with Prue and kidnaps her. Abbey steals clothing and cosmetics from Prue, breaks into the Halliwell's home, and then kidnaps Prue. Tied to a chair in the basement, Prue uses her Telekinetic power to untie the rope and then sends Abbey flying through the air and tries to escape. Once upstairs, Prue uses her power of Astral Projection to trick Abbey but then as Prue tries to run out the front door, Abbey tackles Prue. They run to the kitchen and Abbey fires a shot at Prue.

The Premonition[]

While searching through Abbey's locker at P3, Phoebe and Piper find cosmetics belonging to Prue, a diary and photograph of their sister. Phoebe touches a photograph and sees Prue in the kitchen running from Abbey, who then fires her gun at Prue. Prue falls to the floor, shot dead.

Preventing The Premonition From Becoming A Reality[]

Piper and Phoebe rush to the Manor and just as Abbey fires at Prue, Piper freezes the room, thus stopping the bullet targeting Prue in midair. She grabs the bullet, saving Prue. Prue then telekinetically sends Abbey flying into the curio cabinet.


  • The blouse Abbey steals from Prue is the one worn by Prue in the season 2 finale Be Careful What You Witch For.