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Premonition of the Attacks by Gypsy Hunters Orin and Cree
Phoebe MadameThersa
Phoebe Halliwell and Madame Theresa join hands, Theresa intercepts Phoebe's premonition
Premonition Information
Phoebe Halliwell
Bumping into Lydia Nicolae

Touching a cup Lydia was holding

Touching the Waffedyiok
Lydia Nicolae is attacked

Ava Nicolae is attacked

Orin attacks the sisters in the Attic of Halliwell Manor
Individuals Involved
Ava Nicolae, Lydia Nicolae, The Charmed Ones, Leo Wyatt, Cree & Orin
The sisters are able to thwart the attacks but Lydia loses her life

In 2002, Phoebe Halliwell, a Charmed One, sought the assistance of a Gypsy Fortune Teller named Madame Theresa to help her understand why her power of Premonition has weakened. Whilst dukering with Phoebe, Madame Thersa tells her that her work is taking up too much of her life; Theresa places her hands on Phoebe's and has a premonition, something she doesn't normally experience, and ushers Phoebe out the door without explaining.

Theresa then calls a younger Gypsy, Lydia and tells her that Orin, a powerful Gypsy Hunter, is coming after them. Lydia is shocked; her family blinded Orin decades ago. Apparently Phoebe originally had this premonition, but Theresa intercepted it. Then Orin's son Cree shows up and uses his power to kill Theresa.

While at the funeral for Theresa, Phoebe bumps into Lydia and recieves a premonition of Lydia's murder by Cree. The girls then rush to save Lydia who is being attacked by Cree. They find Lydia just in time while Cree is blinding her with his power attempting to steal her eyes.

The Premonition of Lydia's Attack[]

After saving Lydia, back at the manor while reading tea leave, Lydia sees something. She does not tell the sisters what it is but then Phoebe has yet another premonition, this time one of Ava Nicoli.

The Premonition of the Attack on Ava Nicoli[]

After rushing to the hospital where Ava works to protect her from the impending attack by Cree, Lydia is murdered by Cree and her eyes are given to Orin. Lydia appears to Ava in what is known by Gypsies as Mulo and says one word - Waffediyok. The sisters then show up at the hospital to talk to Ava, she tells them what happened. Ava, Paige and Piper then go to Lydia's home and look for things that may help Ava understand where she comes from. They find an antique box of Gypsy artifacts - one of them being a celtic cross on a chain with the word Waffediyok engraved on the back.

At the Manor, when they return, Ava places the Waffediyok pendant in Phoebe's hand and she recieves one of her most power premonitions ever - an Astral Premonition. Phoebe is literally astrally projected into the premonition where she see Orin attacking the girls in the Attic; she sees Piper's power falling to work on Orin, Orin shooting a beam at Leo, then Paige and then at her. When she is hit by the beam, she is knocked out of her premonition, wounded by the beam in reality.

The Premonition of Orin Attacking Leo and the Sisters[]

The girls then go to the attic, look for the spell to call upon their ancestors, Orin attacks. They tell Ava to substitute the Warren witches names with the Nicoli family names, they chant the spell thus vanquishing Orin.