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Not necessarily a power unto itself but rather the ability to project one's powers onto others, Projectivity is often confined to active abilities. An example of this ability would be projecting one's power of Orbing onto another being, orbing them away from a particular place. The ability has been shown by a small number of magical beings encountered by the Charmed Ones.

Paige Matthews[]

Often confused for the abilitiy of Projectivity is Charmed One Paige Matthews' power of Telekinetic Orbing. The Telekinetic Orbing power works by orbing objects through the use of Telekinesis which allows her to also orb people. Paige has the ability to telekinetically orb innocents or other living beings but it is often mistaken for Projectivity, more specifically, projective orbing, however, when Paige orbs a person individually, she has to name the place to which she wants to orb them, just as she does when orbing an object telekinetically, making the power one and the same, therefore, Paige does not possess Projectivity as people often mistake her for possessing.

Leo Wyatt, Whitelighters & Elders[]

Unlike Paige however, Leo Wyatt had the ability to use his orbing power individually on other beings, including the Charmed Ones. He could projectively orb the sisters from place to place when he was a Whitelighter and an Elder. Other Elders such as Sandra also displayed the ability as did Gideon when the sisters requested to be orbed somewhere when Leo wasn't present.