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"I had a daughter. Her name was Prudence. She meant everything to me. If I had used my powers, I would've proven Matthew's charge and Prudence would've burned too. So I thought; I'll accept this and pray some kind soul will take pity on my daughter and raise her in a safe home. Only then could the Warren line continue. And it must've worked because here you are."
Melinda Warren to the Charmed Ones on Prudence.[src]

Prudence Wentworth (née Warren) (born 1689) was a witch, daughter of William Jackson and Melinda Warren, and wife of Michael Wentworth. She possessed the powers of telekinesis and premonition, which developed later in life. Prue Halliwell was named after Prudence Wentworth.

Adopted and raised by an unknown family after her mother's execution, Prudence's powers surfaced later in life than normal. She married her boyfriend Michael Wentworth and had a daughter named Cassandra. A warlock named Hugh Montgomery once attempted to turn her evil, but she was saved by her descendants from the future, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.