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Prue Halliwell
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Prue shares a smile with Jack Sheridan at Buckland Auction House
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Beautiful, dedicated, magical and considered to be the most powerful Charmed One, Prue Halliwell is a highly skilled Witch gifted with the abilities to move objects with her mind, cast or create powerful spells and potions in addition to Scrying for lost objects or beings. Dedicated to protecting innocents and those who can not protect themselves, Prue was rewarded with an additional magical ability known as Astral Projection which allowed her to be in two places at once; although her physical body would remain unconscious, her astral body could travel anywhere and everywhere in order to prevent attack or impede evil threats.

Quick Facts[]

Full Name: Prudence Halliwell
Alias: Patience
Gender: Female
Species: Witch/Mortal
Birthdate: October 28, 1970
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States of America
Date of Death: May 17, 2001
Place of Death: Halliwell Manor - San Francisco, California, United States of America
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Active Powers: Telekinesis, Astral Projection
Wiccan Powers: Spell Casting, Potion Making, Scrying, Intuition
Notable Family Members: Piper & Phoebe Halliwell, Paige Matthews(sisters)

  • Patty Halliwell & Victor Bennett (parents)
  • Penny & Allen Halliwell (grandparents)
  • Priscilla Baxter & Gordon Johnson (great-grandparents)
  • Phoebe Bowen (great aunt/past life)
  • Wyatt & Christopher Halliwell (nephews)
  • Leo Wyatt, Coop & Henry Mitchell (brothers-in-law)

Brief History[]

First born daughter of Patricia Halliwell and Victor Bennett, Prue Halliwell was the eldest and the most Powerful witch of four daughters Patricia gave birth to in the 1970s; three of which were with Victor and the fourth with Sam Wilder. Prue grew up with two of her three sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell while her third sister Paige Matthews was kept a secret from everyone including Victor and Prue herself. Although Prue and her sisters didn't always get along and were very different from one another, they shared a common trait; the four sisters were imbued with magical gifts that made them four of the strongest witches the world has every seen. However, three years after discovering her magical abilities, after victories against various demons and forces of evil as well as the loss of her first love Andy Trudeau, Prue was brutally powerful while she, Piper and Phoebe were trying to protect an innocent.

Prue's destiny comes to an end on May 17, 2001, when the sources assassain, Shax, sends Prue flying through a wall with an energy ball.

Leo Wyatt, Pipers Husband and Whitelighter to Prue and her sisters, attempted to heal Prue but it was too late. Prue moved on to the Afterlife where she was offered the chance to be her loved ones but Prue's connection to her sisters began to tear Prue's. This caused Prue to retreat to a corner of the Astral Plane where she could be alone, away from her family. As it was revealed that Paige Matthews could reconstitute the Charmed Ones and met Piper and Phoebe, Prue became aware of the potential damage that could come to her sisters and the Power of Three if she reunited with them.

Knowing that Melinda's prophecy was only about three sisters and that she and Paige shared a Telekinetic power, Prue refrained from any contact with the spirits of her loved ones as well as other Warren Witches, both alive and dead. While secluding herself on the Astral Plane, Prue sought a way to ease the pain she felt caused by her connection to her sisters; it was then that she came across a mysterious magical being from her past known as Charon that yearned to capture the soul of a witch known as Patience. Patience had been in a terrible accident that left her comatose and brain-dead in the hospital. Prue found a way to take over Patience's body allowing her to return to the Physical Plane in corporeal form.

As Patience, Prue has been residing in Salem, Massachusetts where she appears in reenactments of the Salem Witch Trials and owns a magical shop. Still fearing what would happen if she reunites with her two sisters and her half sister, Prue refuses to travel anywhere near San Francisco or tell her family anything about what has happened since May 17, 2001. Now, currently however, Prue's mother has asked Cole Turner, a friend/enemy from the past trapped in the void between life and death to try to locate Prue. With the help of a demonic Seer known as Alexi, Cole learned of Prue's whereabouts and tried to convince Prue to reunite with her three sisters but she informed him of the dangers of doing so and he vowed to do whatever necessary to keep the sisters from finding her.

Prue, Phoebe and Paige learned of Prue's disappearance from their mother and grandmother and hope to find her. This has led Paige Matthews to Salem in search of a young witch named Sarah but instead of finding Sarah. Although Cole has tried to prevent Paige from finding Sarah, Paige has met with "Patience" in Salem Witch House - unaware that Patience is really Prue. When Paige asked "Patience" about Sarah, she refused to tell her leading Paige to grab "Patience"'s arm. Contact between the two resulted in an explosion that sent the two flying across the room and caused all of the sisters' magic to run amok - Phoebe was sent flying across the Southern United States while Prue has begun to freeze everyone and everything globally. Paige questioned "Patience" thinking she tried to attack her but then "Patience" revealed she in fact was Piper.

Paige was hesitant to believe it but after Prue used her telekinetic ability to suspend Paige in the air and a conversation about who she was, she and Paige orbed to Halliwell Manor where after the Book of Shadows sensed that she was good, Piper and Phoebe entered the Attic and immediately recognized Patience as Prue. Piper looked at Prue and after telling Paige she would recognize Prue's soul anywhere, ran to embrace her sister that she hadn't seen in over ten years. Phoebe ran to her for a hug as well as Paige stood by in shock.

In Depth Biography[]


Patricia gave birth to Prue on October 28, 1970 in San Francisco, California and named her after another witch in the family, Prudence Warren, who resided in Salem, Massachusetts. Prue was the only child for long, a little a year after she was born, Patty and Victor became pregnant with Piper, who was born 1972. Later when Prue was four years old and Piper two, Patty became pregnant with Phoebe and gave birth to her in February 1975.

Prophecy and Magical Powers[]

In 1692, Prue's great, great, great, great, great grandmother and pioneer of the Halliwell Book of Shadows, Melinda Warren, foresaw not only Prue's birth but also the birth of Piper and Phoebe with her power of Premonition. She also saw that the three sisters would become three of the most powerful witches ever known because they were blessed with the Power of Three and they would each inherit one of her three magical powers; Telekinesis would be bestowed unto Prue, Freezing unto Piper and Premonition unto Phoebe. Upon Melinda's death in the Salem Witch Trials, she shared the prophecy of the three sisters when she explained that every generation of her family would grow stronger and strong culminating in the arrival of three sisters that would be the most powerful witches the world has ever known.

Not mentioned in the prophecy however, was that Prue and her sisters' powers would evolve rendering new abilities. Prue's power of Telekinesis gave way to the power of Astral Projection, which she first discovered during a meeting at her place of work, Buckland Auction House. While Piper was waiting for her to investigate an assassination attempt on their lives, Prue was in a meeting with a co-worked, Jack Sheridan. Seeing the urgency of both situations, she wanted to be in two places at once causing her physical body in the meeting to slump over unconscious while her astral body appeared next to Piper in the hallway. The two sisters were shocked and her astral self quickly disappeared and Prue regained consciousness near Jack.

Using Telekinesis as a Child[]

Although unaware of her Charmed destiny as a child, Prue possessed her telekinetic ability from birth and came to use the power at a young age. Though it is unknown when exactly Prue began using her powers, after Piper was born the two would use their powers while playing games and during arguments with one another. The two would also use their powers on their childhood friend Andy Trudeau, to which their grandmother would often erase his memory of, but some of his memories may have trickled back causing him to be suspicious of the sisters in adulthood.

Using their powers as children was short lived however due to an attack on the sisters' mother by a warlock known as Nicholas. After Nicholas tricked Patty into blessing a ring and promising the warlock her daughters' powers in order to ensure they wouldn't be harmed, Patty's mother Penny bound her granddaughters' powers to prevent them from ever falling into evil's hands. Along with her sisters, Prue quickly forgot that she had magical powers at such a young age and was hesitant to accept the fact that she indeed possessed Wiccan powers when Phoebe told her that she was a witch.

Witnessing Her Mother Patty's Death[]

When Prue was five years old, Patty learned of a powerful Water Demon that resided in Lake Skylark where Prue and her sister Piper went to camp. Thinking she would be able to destroy the demon via electrocution, Patty stood on a dock in the water waiting for the demon to emerge but then her Whitelighter Sam distracted her, leaving the Water Demon to enter Patty's body causing her to drown from within.

When the paramedics and investigators arrived on the scene, Prue saw her mother's lifeless body be placed in a bodybag and she cried out for her mommy. Prue was quickly taken out of view of her beloved mother's body and she carried the grief with her throughout her childhood into her adolescence and adulthood. The stigma from the loss caused Prue to become very protective of Piper and Phoebe, acting as their mother and it triggered a sense of responsibility for the two sisters while in battle with demons, causing Prue to believe she had to do whatever it takes to ensure no harm came to Piper and Phoebe.

The loss also hindered Prue from ever saying "I love you" to her sisters or anyone in her life because it was the final three words she sad to her mother before she was killed. Even when her sisters told her they loved her she would say statements like "Me too". Finally however, after a chance encounter with the demon Barbas, who tried to drown Prue, Patty appeared to Prue in a pool and told her to let her sisters into her heart. Patty then helped Prue rise through the water and she destroyed Barbas. Prue then told Phoebe and Piper that she loved them.

Facing the Water Demon[]

A little over a year after learning of her Charmed Destiny, Prue travelled to Lake Skylark where her mother was killed in order to reflect on her life and think - something she did quite often since her mother's tragic death. But on this day in 1999 while Prue was looking upon the lake she witnessed a camp employee being flipped over in his boat and drowned in the water. As Prue attempted to run over to save the man, another mysterious man came running towards her telling her to stay away from the water. The mysterious man ended up being Sam Wilder, who resided at the lake since Patty's death approximately twenty five years prior.

When Prue returned to Halliwell Manor, she informed her sisters of what had happened at the lake; Piper and Phoebe were surprised to learn that Prue would often go to the lake but matters became serious when it was revealed the camp, which had been shut down since Patty's death, was going to be reopened in the coming days. Knowing how dire the situation had become, Prue, Piper and Phoebe quickly made their way to the lake to speak to the owner of the camp, Mrs. Johnson, a family friend.

At the lake, Mrs. Johnson informed the sisters that she would not be reopening the camp since the drowning that took place earlier. But the sisters asked about the mysterious man that approached Prue earlier and Mrs. Johnson told them he was Sam and that he had been staying at the lake since their mother's drowning. She told them he was staying in a nearby residence and they proceeded to the home thinking he may be the one in fact responsible for the drownings that occuredr. The three sisters quickly searched the home but Sam was nowhere to be found. Just when matters couldn't have gotten worse, Mrs. Johnson proceeded down to the dock on the lake to tie up a loose boat but the Water Demon surfaced and pulled her into the lake, drowning her in his watery body, leaving no one to stop the children from coming to the reopened camp the next day.

The sisters heard Mrs. Johnson's screams from the water and proceeded down to the dock but Sam told them to get away from the water just before the demo resurfaced again. The three sisters ran back to the shore of the lake where Sam, hoping to keep the women safe, used a magical powder on them to prevent them from remembering what had happened and sent them home, where they would fall asleep and wake up with no memory of the lake. However, Sam's plan was not to be because the next morning Piper woke up with poison ivy making Phoebe note it was like the time Prue got it when they were in camp. Leo then appeared and asked the women why they were not at the lake, triggering the memory of what had happened the previous day to come flooding back.

Piper was in no condition to go to the lake so as she remained at the Manor with Leo, Prue and Phoebe went to the lake to prevent the children who had come to the camp from entering the water. As the two sisters used the same magical powder that Sam used on the children to keep them from entering the lake, Piper found letters that she placed in her pocket that she took from Sam's residence the previous day. With Leo she read the letters and realized that Sam was Patty's Whitelighter and that the two were in fact in love. Piper and Leo then orbed to the lake to inform Prue and Phoebe of the discovery.

At the lake, the powder worked on the children and Prue, Piper and Phoebe tried to come up with a way to obliterate the Water Demon. Sam revealed he and Patty were lovers and that in his attempt to save Patty, he cost her her life. After he told them he didn't know what Patty's plan to destroy the demon was, Prue asked Phoebe if she could try to have a vision of the past to see what their mother was going to do. Phoebe was angered by the suggestion at first, thinking it was unfair that Prue ask her to face what had happened when Prue her self denied she looks like Patty, tiptoed around the subject of the mother and refused to go to the end of the dock fearing following in the Patty's footsteps. But Phoebe agreed after Prue told her nothing about the situation was fair and she placed her hands on Sam's, causing a premonition of the past to be triggered. Phoebe saw Patty standing on the dock with jumper cables connected to a electrical source but then she was distracted when Sam called out to her, resulting in Patty freezing him and the water demon engulfed Patty by entering her body, drowning her from the inside. Patty fell down on the dock as Phoebe's premonition came to an end.

Phoebe groaned as the premonition ended and revealed that she saw Patty holding a wire. Piper told her it made sense because electricity is the only way to separate water particles. Phoebe asked what they should as Prue asked Sam if the plan would have worked. Sam told her it would absolutely have worked as Piper said that her power of freezing didn't work against the demon; Phoebe realized that that was it, they would use Patty's plan but the only difference would be the witch on the end of the dock wouldn't have the power of freezing, Prue then said it would be her herself on the end of the dock confronting the demon.

Sam told Prue that she didn't have to do it but Prue said she had to and she proceeded toward the dock but stopped at the foot of it and looked upon the end of the dock. Sam walked up to Prue and told her "Let's go face our demons" and they walked to the end of the dock. Prue picked up the jumper cables as Sam knelt by the source of electricity ready to flip the switch. Prue looked into the water and said "Okay, you in the water. I know that you've waiting for this - for me. Well, here I am, so come and get me. You took what mattered most to me. As long as I live, you will never kill again." The water began to bubble and Piper and Phoebe called out to Prue realizing that the demon planned to attack from behind. The two sisters ran to the dock as Leo tried to stop them but Piper turned around and froze Leo as the Water Demon emerged from the water. Sam turned to the demon and told it to leave Prue alone and to take him. The demon quickly engulfed Sam but he managed to grab the jumper cables and told Prue to flip the switch. She used her power of telekinesis to do so and Sam electrocuted himself and the demon causing the demon to burst into oblivion.

Prue switched the electricity off as Sam fell to the ground. Leo attempted to heal Sam but it wasn't meant to be. Sam said that it was okay, it was his time to go but Prue was hesitant. Sam told them that he did what he was meant to do and that he was going to see Patty again. He said Patty's name as he died. Patty's spirit then awaited him and the two walked off into the Afterlife together.

Not only did the events that transpired force Prue to confront what had happened to her mother but it also taught her that mixing business and pleasure could bear fruitful rewards and she realized that she didn't always have to approach situations in fear but rather with positivity. She opened herself up to Jack Sheridan, who had begun working with her at Buckland Auction House and asked him to have dinner with her, allowing them to develop a new romantic relationship with one another.

Grams Binds Prue, Piper and Phoebe's Powers[]

After becoming aware of the situation that occurred between Patty and Nicholas and fearing that other such events may take place, Penny Halliwell, Patty's mother and the Charmed Ones' grandmother decided it was necessary to bind Prue, Piper and Phoebe's Wiccan powers ensuring that as long as she was alive no one would ever acquire her granddaughters' powers. Penny also took it upon herself to wipe the memories from their minds so that they wouldn't remember using their powers while growing up.

Penny became even more protective of her granddaughters after her daughter Patty was killed and Victor walked away from his daughters. Although Penny once taught Prue, Piper and Phoebe spells and potion recipes she now did whatever necessary to prevent exposure to the magical world to her granddaughters. However, Penny became ill with a heart condition and knowing that her health was faultering in a time that the sisters were not as close to one another as she thought would be necessary to stand up against the forces of evil, she sought to not only keep her granddaughters' powers bound but relinquish their powers altogether.

In Spring of 1998, after various discussions and arguments with Patty Halliwell's spirit, Penny created the power stripping potion and was about to use it on her granddaughters after locking the Book of Shadows away in a truck in the Attic and sealing the Attic door. But the plancame to an abrupt halt when just as Penny secured the Attic door, she suffered a heart attack and fell to her death down the stairs. Prue, Piper and Phoebe rushed to their grandmother but they were too late, she was dead. Following the funeral, Phoebe decided it was time to leave San Francisco and Prue and Piper decided to move out of the Manor. Six months passed before the sisters made a choice that would shift their Charmed destiny into gear.

Phoebe Moves Back Into the Manor[]

After Grams' death, Phoebe moved to New York City where she lived for six months but then after Prue and Piper moved back into Halliwell Manor from their apartment in North Beach, Piper offered Phoebe the chance to move back into the Manor with them. Prue was displeased when Piper revealed that Phoebe was moving back to San Francisco and that she knew about it for over two weeks. But then even more displeasing for Prue was the revelation Phoebe was moving back into the Manor with them. Phoebe then arrived at the Manor and found the hide-a-key to unlock the door and entered the home. Prue immediately expressed her frustration with Phoebe but Phoebe quickly brought up Roger, Prue's former fiance and told Prue that it was Roger who made flirtatious advances on her and that his claims that she came onto him were untrue.

Prue didn't quite believe her sister so Phoebe retreated to her room where Piper later had a talk with her and Prue brought extra blankets for her because her room was always the coldest in the house. Piper and Phoebe then proceeded downstairs to the living area where they brought out their childhood spirit board. After asking the spirits if Prue would have sex with anyone other than herself that year, Piper got up to get more popcorn and Phoebe watched the spirit board. The pointer suddenly moved to the letter "A" on it's own to Phoebe's shock. She quickly called Piper and Prue as the pointer moved to the letter "T" and told them but then nothing happened, Prue noted that Phoebe would always push the pointer and when she turned away, the pointer moved back and then to the letter "T" again. Piper saw and called Prue back into the room. Prue saw that the pointer was still on the letter "T" but then it moved to the letters "I" and "C" - spelling "ATTIC" and the power in the house then went off.

Phoebe Awakens the Power of Three[]

Phoebe set her sights on going to the Attic to see why the spirit board spelled out the word even though Prue wanted to wait for a handyman to come the next day, noting the Attic was sealed off and that she already tried getting into it. As Prue wanted to go into the basement to check the circuit breaker, Phoebe told her sisters she was going to the Attic. Prue and Piper proceeded to the basement as Phoebe made her way to the Attic door. She jiggled the handle but the door was locked. As she turned away however, the door magically opened and Phoebe walked into the large area. She noticed a light shining on a mysterious old trunk and she opened it up. She pulled out a large green leather book and sat down. She opened the cover and read the words "the Book of Shadows".

She then began to read an incantation aloud and suddenly the chandelier in the foyer near the steps to the upstairs began to shake and a bright blue light shone lighting up the entire room. Prue and Piper then walked into the Attic and asked Phoebe how she got in and what she was doing. Phoebe told her sisters that she was just reading an entry from the Book of Shadows. Prue retrieved the Book and looked at the entry and read the final line "We sisters three". She said that it was a book of Witchcraft to which Piper then asked to see it. Phoebe then told her sisters that it said something about three essentials of magic and that if they were ever going to receive their powers, that night was the best time. Unbeknownst to her sisters, Phoebe had awakened the Power of Three and reawoken the powers they inherited from their ancestor Melinda.

Hesitance to Accept She is a Witch[]

The day after Phoebe cast the spell Prue met with her ex-fiance Roger at the Museum of Natural History where after Roger upset Prue, she inadvertantly caused his ball point pen to explode in his shirt pocket and squirt in his face. They later met again when Prue told Roger that she was quitting her job and after Roger told Prue that he hoped there was no office supplies in her purse, she expressed her frustration by clenching her hands as if squeezing a neck causing Roger's tie to tighten around his neck, choking him. He managed to grab a pair of scissors and cut the tie preventing suffocation.

Later that evening after Phoebe had a premonition of two young kids being hit by a car and saving them, she met with Prue and explained further information she read in the Book of Shadows regarding their ancestry and powers. The two went to a cafe where they had a couple of drinks. Prue had a cup of coffee as they talked and when she asked for the milk, she telekinetically made the milk transfer into the coffee. Prue was stunned by what happened and expressed frustration with Phoebe for turning her into a witch. She also expressed her concern that various evil beings would begin to come after her and her sisters for their power.

Prue and Phoebe later traveled to a pharmacy where Prue sought a solution for her headache. While the two sisters argued about what Phoebe had done, Phoebe suggested that Prue use her power to move her headache out of her head. When Prue asked if Phoebe saw aspirin anywhere, she subconsciously caused a bottle of the medication to fly from the shelf and into her hand. As Prue continued to express concern and hesitation toward being a witch, Phoebe realized that anger was the trigger to Prue's power and she purposely attempted to make Prue angry in order for her to accept her power as well as to remove the headache from her head. Phoebe first mentioned Roger then told Prue that their father was vary much alive and that she was upset because she came back. As Phoebe said "dad, dad, dad, dad" Prue telekinetically caused every bottle and package on the shelves in the aisle of the pharmacy they were in to blast off the shelves. After she did so, Phoebe asked how Prue felt and she revealed her headache was gone. Phoebe then told Prue that the Book said their powers would advance and then they shared a laugh together as Prue asked "advance to what?".

Development of Her Powers[]

When Prue first discovered her telekinetic power she was able to channel it by focusing her anger and frustration on a specific target and squinting her eyes at the object or person she wished to move through the air. She first willingly used the power against an evil threat when the warlock Jeremy Burns attacked at the Manor. As Jeremy entered the Manor and set his sights on the sisters, Prue told Piper and Phoebe to run to the attic as she squinted her eyes at the warlock causing him to be jolted a few feet backwards.

Overtime, Prue was able to not only blast objects and beings backwards but cause them to rise from the ground sending them flying short distances through the air. As this became the Charmed Ones' greatest defensive power, Prue discovered that she could also channel the power through her hands when she tried to prevent a Grimlock from capturing a friend's young son. After she saw a Grimlock capture the young boy, she rushed through a secluded area of trees and raised both of her hands in the Grimlock's direction causing both the young boy to rise several feet above the ground. Prue was stunned by the feat and as she looked at her hands, the Grimlock and the boy fell to the ground and the demon grabbed the youngster and disappeared through a portal in the ground.

After the sisters researched the Grimlocks in the Book of Shadows and discovered a method to vanquish them, the sisters traveled to a drain connected to a sewer system near a streetcar turnaround where Piper was injured and fell into a drainage area onto a metal cover. Prue then used her newly discovered method of channelling her power to raise Piper and the metal cover from the drain and she and Phoebe then helped Phoebe off the cover. Prue and Phoebe then used their potion to destroy a Grimlock just as another appeared and knocked the final jar of potion on the ground where it smashed. But Prue was able to wave her hand at the potion causing it to fly from the ground onto the Grimlock's face, causing him to disintegrate into oblivion.

This new method of channeling her power was the most commonly used by Prue during battles with evil and also whenever she needed to use the power. However, she still maintained use of channeling the power through her eyes on certain occasions such as when she was kidnapped by Abbey and held in the basement of the Manor. Prue's hands were restrained to a chair thus to plan her escape she squinted her eyes at Abbey sending her flying backwards.

Prue's Mission[]

Albeit that Prue was hesitant to accept her destiny as a Witch and a protector of the innocent when she first discovered she was a Charmed One, after an encounter with a Dragon Warlock and learning of the Triad, she decided to take control of the battle against evil and studied the Book of Shadows thoroughly to gain a greater grasp on the demonic threats that she and her sister may possibly come across. Her desire to protect her sisters grew even greater when a powerful demon known as Belthazor appeared in the Manor and attempted to steal the Book. Not knowing who the demon was, she continued in her mission against evil just as the Triad sent the demon Troxa after her and her sisters.

At the same time, a new employee at Piper's club, P3, named Abbey began to become obsessed with Prue, so much to the extent that she broke into Halliwell Manor to steal possessions that belonged to Prue. One evening when Prue returned home, she found the door opened and all the mirrors in the home smashed. As she walked through the Manor, Abbey pounced on Prue but she used her power to blast the woman through the window and she escaped. The incident caused Prue to research all possible demons that could be after her, Piper and Phoebe and she was able to create a crystal forcefield to capture demons if they entered the Manor. She set up the forcefield around the Book of Shadows in the Attic and when Cole Turner, Belthazor's human half, tried to approach the Book when he broke into the Manor plotting to help the sisters discover Troxa, he was electrocuted by the crystals.

Prue and her sisters found Cole in the Attic and Prue revealed to him that it was a trap, thinking that he was possibly an evil agent sent by the Triad. After Cole left, Prue made notes on the demons she and her sisters encountered over the years and she fell asleep in the Attic. While she was asleep Troxa appeared in his invisible form and attempted to press a pillow over Prue's face but she awoke and blasted the pillow apart. She was able to capture Troxa in the crystal cage and began electrocuting him in order to force him to reveal who sent him. Prue continued to electrocute him and he finally revealed the Triad sent him and before he was destroyed by the Triad for revealing who sent him, he told Prue there was another - Belthazor. She then found the entry on Belthazor in the Book of Shadows and crossed out Cole's name on her notepad as the possible evil agent.

Researching Her Powers[]

Prue then began to research her powers of Telekinesis and Astral Projection hoping to learn how to use her telekinetic ability while in Astral mode. It was at this time she came across a demon known as Vinceres hired by Cole Turner to pose as a reclusive mortal whose apartment building was about to be demolished. Cole created false signs to lead Prue to the demon, who was cursed with the power of Empathy, a gift that allows a being to feel the emotions of all those around them. Being a demon, Vinceres was unable to handle feeling emotion, thus he secluded himself in the building but when Prue found him, she believed he was an innocent she was meant to protect and sympathizing with him, she cast a spell to remove the power but while she was casting the spell the demon placed his hands on Prue causing the power to be transferred to her.

With this new Empathic gift, Prue began to feel the emotions of those around and eventually she became overwhelmed by feeling everyone's pain while Vinceres set out to find the one who cursed him with the power, a priest known as Father Thomas. The sisters and Leo set out to find Thomas and he helped Prue understand the power allowing her to use it to destroy the demon. When Vinceres burst into Halliwell Manor, Prue used her power of Astral Projection to project her Astral body into the demon while carrying the emotion of her entire neighborhood, ultimately overwhelming Vinceres and causing him to burst into a vanquish. Prue's Astral body then emerged as Prue became conscious and the two smiled at one another before the Astral body returned to Prue's physical body and the Empathic power was gone.

Focusing On Belthazor[]

Prue and her sisters then focused on finding the demon Belthazor in order to vanquish them with a potion found in the Book of Shadows. The potion required a piece of the demon's flesh thus Leo glamoured into Belthazor and launched surprise attacks on the sisters in order to prepare them for the actual confrontation that would require them to slice a piece of his flesh. Prue focused on using her power of Telekinesis and Astral Projection during the practice attacks and Phoebe used the power of Levitation and Piper freezing and slicing the flesh. Prue and her sisters were successful after Andras, the Spirit of Rage tried to use anger to tear the Power of Three apart. The Spirit of Rage possessed Belthazor and went to the Manor where the sisters were able to eliminate Andras and acquired the piece of flesh for their potion.

The Ice Cream Man, Eames, Natalie and Tom[]

Prue and her sisters then came across a mortal being known as the Ice Cream Man after Prue began having dreams of being on a mystical wintry playground calling for her father's help. Prue also recognized a song that emanated from an ice cream truck and after hearing a young girl humming the tune, she and Phoebe discovered a man in an ice cream truck attempting to pull a young girl into his truck. Prue thought the man was a demon at first, but after she and Phoebe were sucked into the truck, they arrived on the mystical playground where they were tricked by young children who were actually demons. Prue and Phoebe managed to escape from the playground with the demonic children and once they exited the truck, the mistake they made was revealed.

At the time, Piper sought out Victor, their father, who ultimately helped Prue escape the Nothing found within the playground after luring the demonic kids back into the truck. The experience of her father saving her from the Nothing brought the two somewhat closer together and in the end Victor promised to be around more for his daughters.

Next, Prue, Piper and Phoebe came across Eames, a powerful warlock hellbent on collecting witches' powers. After he managed to steal the power of Deflection from a young witch, a new Whitelighter known as Natalie appeared at the Manor to inform the sisters about Eames. Prue exhibited a greater control of her telekinetic power when she used it to cross reference "warlock" with "cloning" in the Book of Shadows by telekinetically flipping the pages until she found the Eames entry. She and her sisters successfully destroyed the warlock after he tricked them and killed Natalie.

When an old highschool flame, Tom Peters emerged in Prue's life while she and her sisters were protecting an innocent, it was revealed that Tom had become subject of a brutal training program that would transform him into a demon. However, Prue brought the man back to Halliwell Manor where they discovered a brand of Chevrons on his arm and located an entry on the training program in the Book of Shadows. Seeing that the conversion was not complete because Tom only had five Chevrons on his arm, Prue set out to save Tom by confronting the head of the Academy that enforced the program, Kellman. Prue made a deal with Kellman that required she and her sisters confronting demonic wrestlers in a demonic ring, where if the sisters were victorious, he would allow Tom to leave the program. Prue, Piper and Phoebe exhibited great power, agility and control with their magical abilities and were successful against the wrestlers, sending the demons to hell while Tom killed Kellman.

Prue's Subsconscious Takes Her Astral Projection Power Over[]

As Prue continued focusing on strengthening her powers, her power of Astral Projection grew to a point where her subconscious grew a mind of it's own and while she was asleep, her Astral body pursued her inner desires that Prue herself would never do in reality. Not only did her Astral body take control in her sleep however, but also during the wedding of her sister Piper and Leo. Phoebe however was able to help Prue deal with what was going on with Prue and her subconscious and Prue then shared with Leo how her power of Astral Projection worked - something that he would later share with Piper and Phoebe during a battle with the demon Zankou.

Encounter with the Angel of Death and the Seven Deadly Sins[]

Prue continued her mission against the forces of evil and came across the Angel of Death when demons known as the Seekers targeted two detectives working for the San Francisco Police Department. While Prue was with Phoebe at a beach taking photographs, she saw a brunette woman - a detective - also taking photographs at the beach but beside the woman was a shadowy figure that Prue discovered was the Angel of Death. Prue tried whatever she could to prevent death from taking the young woman, but when she arrived at the detective's office, she was too late, the Seekers killed the woman. Next on Death's list was Reece Davidson, who Prue attempted to protect from Death again but after she summoned the Angel of Death with a makeshift spell, she learned that Death was imminent, their was nothing she could do to stop it - it was Reece's destiny to die just as it was Patty's destiny to die years earlier. Prue still tried to prevent Reece's murder but she stood shocked, her powers paralyzed when she witnessed the Seekers kill Reece.

The Angel then appeared to Prue one last time after she and her sisters vanquished the Seekers and informed her that death just is and if she couldn't accept that and come to terms with the loss of her mother, it would not end well for her.

After the Angel of Death offered Piper the advice, she, Prue and Phoebe faced a Demonic Infector known as Lukas who infected them with the Seven Deadly Sins - Prue being infected by Pride. The sin eventually caused Prue to sacrifice herself in order to destroy Lukas but Leo saved her and the sin was removed.

The Brotherhood and the Banshee[]

Prue then faced the Brotherhood of the Thorn, a clan of demons that included Vornac, Klea, Tarkin and Triggs but successfully eliminated them with the help of Cole Turner.

The second last demon faced in her mission against evil was the Banshee - a demon that hunted her prey at night in search of souls in great pain. The search for the demon led to a spell being cast that transformed Prue into a white Siberian Husky, rendering her able to hear the Banshee's high pitched call she used to locate a victim. But while this allows Prue to track the banshee, it makes her mind and instincts more dog like as well. As a dog, Prue chases Kit around the house, breaking vases and knocking over pieces of furniture. Being a dog also makes her incapable of using a bathroom, forcing her to go outside when she has to poop (although her mind is human enough to be embarrassed by the situation). She is also repeatedly distracted by the smells and tastes of everything around her.

Although Prue was hit by a truck in her search for the demon, the man driving the vehicle took her to his home and made sure she was okay. Prue then heard the Banshee's call from the apartment and signaled the man to allow her to run free back to Halliwell Manor, where the demon transformed Phoebe into a Banshee. Piper was able to destroy the original demon but now they had to find a way to revert Phoebe back to her regular self. The plan involved summoning Cole, who had betrayed Phoebe by killing a witch that the Brotherhood forced him to kill. When summoned, Phoebe arrived at the Manor and attacked Cole, who then shimmered with her to a mausoleum where he professed his love for her, causing Phoebe to revert to normal and Prue to return to her human state. But despite her regained appearance, she still has a bunch of fleas covering her body.

Prue's Final Demon and Her Death[]

The final demon Prue encountered before her death was the Source of All Evil's assassin for hire, Shax, a ferociously powerful demon with the power to materialize in the form of wind and shoot blasts of air at his targets. Prue, Piper and Phoebe learned that a prominent doctor named Bo Griffiths became Shax's target and set out to protect the man but when they brought him back to Halliwell Manor, Shax materialized and burst through the door. The demon attempted to lauch a concussive blast of wind at Griffiths but Prue intercepted the blast and knocked Griffiths out of the way causing her to blasted backwards and through the wall near the stairs with incredible force, severely wounding her and causing her to bleed from the head and ears. Shax then launched another blast as Phoebe came running down the stair with a vanquish spell and the blast hit Piper sending her through the same wall Prue was sent through and she landed next to her sister, severely wounded as well. Phoebe recited the spell, causing Shax to dematerialize. Phoebe then ran to her sisters and called for Leo, and as he orbed in he healed the two sisters - which took longer than usual because they came extremely close to death.

Now healed, Prue set out to find something that could help them locate Shax and she and Piper proceeded to walk through the streets of the neighborhood where Shax materialized again and as he was about to attack Piper used her newly discovered power of Blowing Up to blow up the demon in a pyrokinetic blast. Although Shax's attempt to attack was thwarted, unbeknownst to the two sisters, a news reporter and her cameraman were shooting a live news cast a block over and recorded the entire vanquish live on television. With magic exposed and Shax still not destroyed, Prue and Piper went to find Dr. Griffiths, knowing that he was still a target while Phoebe went to the Underworld in an attempt to find Cole and break the magic making him evil. Phoebe was successful but at the hospital Prue and Piper rushed the doctor to their vehicle but Shax materialized again and blew Griffiths onto the side of the street. Prue and Piper then pulled out the spell to destroy the demon and recited it, causing Shax to again burst into pyrokinetic sparks. But again, the same news reporter and cameraman were on scene and recorded the entire event on live television - arriving at the hospital by using a lojack they put on the sisters' vehicle.

Prue and Piper then returned to the Manor where they focused on a plan of action to deal with magical exposure. But then as crowds and news reporters continued swarming the Manor, a woman known as Alice Hicks burst into the Manor through the conservatory doors and told the sisters she wanted to "join their cover". Prue, agitated by the situation, called the woman crazy and used her power to blast Alice backwards onto the lawn and slammed the doors shut. The sisters continued hoping to reverse the exposure but then as the two were talking, a loud gunshot was heard shocking the sisters and as Prue asked what it was, Piper looked down, revealing she had been shot in the abdomen. Prue dropped the Book of Shadows and grabbed her sister as they fell to ground. Prue called for Leo but he couldn't hear their calls because he was with Phoebe and Cole in the Underworld, leaving Prue to try to get her dying sister to the hospital.

Prue rushed her sister to her SUV in the driveway but as she tried to driveout she was swarmed by the crowd. She then got out of the vehicle and after the crowd failed to heed her cries to move out of the way, she used her Telekinesis against everyone, blasting the news reporter and her cameraman backwards, sending onlookers flying out of the way and then she got back into the SUV and sped away to the hospital. In the hospital, Griffiths tended to Piper but after he revealed nothing could be done, Prue locked herself in the room with her dying sister and continued to tell her to hold on as she cried for Leo. Leo finally heard Prue's call and appeared in the hospital room but it was too late, Piper was dead. Prue then demanded that Leo go to the Elders and find a way to fix what had happened. Leo went back to Phoebe and Cole and informed of Piper's death causing Phoebe to offer herself to the Source in order for Tempus, the Devil's Sorcerer to reverse time.

As Prue was in the room with Piper, a SWAT team moved in and prepared to shoot Prue but just as an officer fired a bullet at Prue, time was reversed to when Shax first attacked at the Manor. Prue and Piper stood in the foyer with Dr. Griffiths as Shax burst in; Prue called for Phoebe but there was no answer, Phoebe was still in the Underworld. Shax burst through the door, materialized and launched a blast at Griffiths but as before Prue intercepted the windy blast causing her to be blasted through the wall, Piper was next and then finally Shax blasted Griffiths sending him flying backwards through the dining room window, killing him. Prue and Piper lay bloody and wounded on the floor unconscious as Shax took one final look at them and then dematerialized causing the Manor doors to slam shut breaking the stainglass windows.

Leo was able to heal Piper and Cole saved Phoebe from the Source in the Underworld, but it was too late for Prue, she succumbed to her wounds caused by Shax, leaving Leo unable to heal her. Prue's spirit moved on to the Afterlife but the traumatic events of that day were only the beginning of the next chapter for the Charmed Ones including Prue herself as well as an unfamilar face, Paige Matthews.


Regarded as the most powerful of the Charmed Ones by both her sisters and the magical world, Piper often led her sisters in the crusade against the forces of darkness that led to the destruction of numerous demons, warlocks and other evil beings. Because of her strength of the power she and her sisters possess, the Charmed One often become the target of warlocks seeking to steal their powers as well as demons yearning to destroy them in order to tip the scales between good and evil to evil's side. Some of these evil creatures have come close to successfully stealing the sisters' powers as well as k illing them, but combining their powers as one and with the help of their Whitelighter Leo, the Charmed Ones have risen victorious against the forces of darkness.

Using powerful spells and potions, Piper and her sisters have eliminated the following evil beings:

Darklighters and Warlocks[]


Other - Beasts, Evils Witches, Spirits, Predators[]

Prue's Relationship with Andy Trudeau[]

As young children, Prue and her sister Piper Met Andy Trudeau, who they became friends with and had arranged playdates with. Because the sisters had come into their powers at a young age, they often used them on Andy causing their grandmother to have to undo the magic and erase Andy's memory of the incidents. Later when Prue was in highschool with Andy, the two became closer and began dating one another but before Prue left for college the two ended the on again-On relationship.

Although Prue dated a young man named Tom Peters in college, she still had feelings for Andy and reunited with him after a chance meeting with him at San Francisco Memorial Hospital in October 1998 after Phoebe fell off her bike when she tried to prevent her first premonition from coming to fruition. Andy had become an inspector at San Francisco Police Department and was at the hospital investigating the murder of a young witch known as Serena Fredrick. When the two met, Andy offered to buy Prue a cup of coffee and informed her that he had checked up on her and her sisters over the years. Andy grew somewhat suspicious of Prue and her sisters almost immediately after meeting with Prue when he stopped by Halliwell Manor and saw Phoebe holding the cat that was in Serena Fredrick's apartment.

After the meeting, the two became close again and continued their relationship from where it left off years earlier. The two began dating and during a planned evening alone at the Manor where they were going to watch a movie, a young witch known as Aviva interrupted and the two had to cut the date short. Prue and Andy eventually slept together but Prue, being afraid of hurting him and of how he would react to her being a witch, sneaked out of Andy's apartment while he fell asleep causing somewhat of a strain on the relationship. Fearing how Andy would react to her being a Witch, Prue found a spell in the Book of Shadows, or rather a spell in the Book found Prue; Prue was searching the Book of Shadows when the pages magically flipped to an entry entitled "The Truth Spell".

Prue was hesitant to cast the spell but after the Book continued flipping to the page, she decided she needed to cast the spell to see how Andy would react to her being a witch. Alone in the Attic one evening in 1999 Prue recited the words of the spell and called Andy and told him to call her within the next twenty four hours - the length of time the spell lasted for. Andy met with Prue in her office at Buckland's where Prue showed him her telekinetic power by moving an object back and forth across her desk. Andy was shocked and asked Prue "what the hell was that?" and she told him that she was a witch, a good witch with powers. Although initially stunned by the revelation, Andy told Prue that he was okay with her being a witch, but it was the fact that she lied to him that upset him. When the spell ended, Prue came to the realization that it would be better to call of the relationship on her terms rather than sharing her secret with Andy and hurting him by keeping things from him.

Prue Reveals Her Secret to Andy[]

The two remained friends but Prue and her sisters' constant involvement in murder and missing persons' cases caused Andy to become suspicious of Prue creating a further wedge between the two. After a friend of the Charmed Ones' son was captured by demons known as Grimlocks a reporter, Eric Lohmann, witnessed Prue use her telekinesis on the demon and later set Prue and Piper in order to capture them using their powers on video tape by pushing a baby carriage into the middle of the street. Piper froze the scene and the sisters discovered it was a set up but Piper accidentally put her purse on her left shoulder when it was previously on her right shoulder. Eric noticed the switch and confronted Andy at the Police Station threatening to reveal the tape and jeopardize Andy's career by writing a story that would implicate both he and Prue. Andy acted as if he didn't know what Eric was talking about but once Eric left, Andy sought to find Prue and it led him to a storm drain where Prue, her sisters and Eric were.

As Eric tried to get more footage of Prue using her power, a Grimlock attacked and killed him and then when the Grimlock set his sights on Andy, Prue used her telekinetic power to blast a pipe at the Grimlock, revealing her power to Andy. Prue told Andy to take an injured Piper back up out of the drain but not before Piper revealed that she too had a power. Prue and Phoebe vanquished the two Grimlocks saving their friend's son along with another boy. Prue and Andy then met and Prue explained her secret and the truth about her family. Andy accepted the fact that Prue, Piper and Phoebe were magical and became a pennicle in their next few encounters with the forces of evil.

Prue Shares the Book of Shadows with Andy[]

Prue and Andy grew closer together but when an evil spirit escaped from Alcatraz and began killing those responsible for his imprisonment, Andy, his partner Darryl Morris and the C.S.I unit discovered a fingerprint on the weapon used to kill a judge belonged to Jackson Ward, the evil spirit, Andy sought Prue's help, knowing that something supernatural was at play. He arrived at Halliwell Manor where Phoebe was researching the ghost of Alcatraz and he showed Prue the fingerprint, that was discovered by the use of a fluroscope, and Phoebe noted that it was the result of the ghost's ectoplasm. Andy told them that it belonged to Jackson Ward, who was executed decades earlier and Phoebe then went to the Attic to search the Book of Shadows for information regarding ghosts and spirits.

Prue later shared the Book of Shadows with Andy and he explained that he always thought there was something else out there but nothing like the sisters shared with him. Suddenly the Book's pages flipped to the Truth Spell and Prue was forced to reveal that she cast the spell on Andy to find out how he would react to her being a witch. At first Andy was upset but Prue explained why she did it and Andy forgave her. He then helped the sisters stop Jackson from killing more of those responsible for his sentence and went to evidence lock up to acquire the weapon Jackson used to kill Judge Renault - an action that soon beared consequences when Internal Affairs began investigating Andy.

Andy Revives Prue[]

With Andy's help, Prue and Phoebe were able to create a potion to lure Jackson to the Manor where Prue took it upon herself to brew a powerful potion that would allow her to vanquish Jackson. The potion however, would require Prue to ingest it causing her heart to stop so that she could be able to recite a spell that would destroy the evil spirit. It required a partner to be close by in order to revive her within four minutes of consumption or else brain damage would result. Phoebe was hesitant to allow Prue to go through with the plan but after a coin was flipped, Prue got her way - she would consume the potion and Phoebe would stand by to revive her.

The plan however didn't go as planned because when Jackson appeared in the Manor, Prue drank the potion as Jackson knocked Phoebe unconscious. Prue fell to the floor and her spirit emerged from her body and she began reciting the spell to banish Jackson. But before she could complete it, Andy showed up and rushed to the kitchen when he saw the two sisters laying on the floor. He began to resusitate Prue by doing CPR and Jackson prepared to attack Andy but Prue called out to Andy and somehow he heard her and turned around and grabbed Jackson's weapon. Prue then recited the spell with conviction and banished the evil spirit and Andy revived her.

Andy Warns Prue of Internal Affairs' Investigation and Quits His Job[]

Due to constant involvement in unsolved missing person and murder cases, Andy soon became scrutinized by Internal Affairs, who launched an investigation into both he and the Halliwell sisters. Andy tried to do whatever he could to keep from being suspected of any involvement and to keep her secret but little did he know that one of the inspectors, Rodriguez, investigating him was actually a demon sent to try to destroy the Halliwell sisters.

Andy met with Prue at one of their favorite restaurants to inform her of the investigation and to warn her to be extremely careful because it was more than likely she was being surveiled. Andy was soon brought in for questioning by the two inspectors where Inspector Anderson and Rodriguez told him they knew Prue was somehow involved in his unsolved cases. Shortly after, Andy contacted his partner Darryl and met with him at a far out location thinking they could have privacy to talk about the situation, but Anderson and Rodriguez tapped Andy and Darryl's phone and learned of the meeting. While listening in to the two talk, Rodriguez was able to hear what the two were talking about and heard Andy mention Prue. Anderson questioned Rodriguez about how he knew Andy was talking about Prue then Rodriguez quickly killed Anderson with a loud shrieking scream.

Days later Andy met with Prue to discuss the situation and informed Prue to be extremely careful and to know that she may being watched. Andy was called in for an interrogation with Rodriguez and when faced with giving Prue up or losing his job, he placed his gun and badge on the table and quit his job to ensure Prue would be safe. He also met with Prue again at their spot in Golden Gate Park where the two shared a kiss and Andy encouraged her to be careful.

Soon Rodriguez decided to make his move and with the help of a demonic manipulator of time known as Tempus, Rodriguez was able to attack the Halliwell sisters at the Manor and Tempus would reverse time until he successfully killed all three sisters. Little did Rodriguez and Tempus know however, Phoebe's power of Premonition allowed her to realize time was repeating itself.

In Rodriguez's first attempt, he arrived at the Manor as Andy kept an eye on the sisters parked in his car not to far away across the street. He saw Rodriguez approach the Manor and the Halliwell's cat Kit looked at him. Andy didn't suspect anything was amiss and Rodriguez entered the Manor as the sisters answered the door. He launched an energy ball at Phoebe, blasting her backwards, killing her. Prue and Piper however managed to thwart the attack and Prue used her power to blast an energy ball back to Rodriguez destroying him.

Tempus quickly reversed time causing Rodriguez to appear before him. The days events repeated themself as Phoebe had a sense of deja vu. Again Andy was interrogated, quit his job, met with Prue again and later kept an eye on the sisters by parking outside the Manor. Andy still did not suspect anything a miss as Rodriguez walked by Kit and approached the Manor door. The sisters answered the door and Rodriguez blasted Energy Balls at Phoebe and Piper, killing both of them. Prue again used her power of Telekinesis to blast a ball aimed at her at Rodriguez, killing him.

Andy's Death[]

Again Tempus reversed time as Rodriguez materialized before him yet again. The days events played out again but this time Phoebe realized time was being manipulated and informed her sisters. The three of them found an entry on Tempus in the Book of Shadows that said to remove Tempus one must remove him from the time he was in. This time as Andy parked outside the Manor he saw Rodriguez hiss at Kit as his eyes turned red. Rodriguez burst through the Manor door as Andy got out of his car and raced to protect Prue and her sisters. Rodriguez attempted to blast energy balls at the sisters but they managed to avoid them but Prue was knocked unconscious when Piper pushed her out of the way of an oncoming ball as Andy ran through the door, gun in hand and firing at Rodriguez, Rodriguez turned around and blasted Andy with a ball, causing him to fly backwards and slam into a curio cabinet, killing him immediately.

An unconscious Prue met with Andy on the Ghostly Plane in a spot similar to their spot at Golden Gate Park where Prue sat on a wooden swing as Andy appeared. Andy explained to Prue that his death was one they couldn't stop and they had to accept it. Prue didn't want to let her love go but Andy knew Prue would be alright. The two say their goodbyes and he kissed Prue one final time. Andy then faded away as Prue watched on and cried. She then awoke as Piper tended to her on the floor and looked at Andy's lifeless body, now covered with a blanket. She then flipped the pages of the Book to a spell to accelerate time and her sisters told her they didn't want to accelerate it, but rather reverse it. Prue told them no, that to be rid of Tempus they needed to speed up time. She then cast the spell and time was accelerated, banishing Tempus and leaving Rodriguez to fend for himself. Prue then told her sisters to just let Rodriguez go and telekinetically untied him. Rodriguez got up and attempted to launch another energy ball, but Prue anticipated it and quickly rose her hand blasting the ball back to Rodriguez, vanquishing once and for all.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe as well as Darryl then attended Andy's funeral in the coming days and a grieving Prue placed a rose upon his coffin and said her final goodbye as tears ran down her face.

Experiencing Her Future Life[]

In 1999, shortly after Andy's death, Prue and her sisters witnessed a man, named Nathaniel Pratt, from the neighborhood allow his dog to defecate in the front of the matter, an action that he was guilty of repeatedly doing. Frustrated by his actions because they already asked the man to stop doing it, as the sisters looked at the man through their front window, Piper froze him as Prue used her power to flick the dog's feces on to Nathanial. Piper then unfroze him and they quickly closed the curtains as Nathanial turned and looked at them.

Phoebe then sat down and had a powerful premonition while watching a news cast in which she was imprisoned and executed via incineration. Phoebe let out a shriek as the vision ended and her sisters rushed to her side as she explained what she saw. Leo appeared as well but before the two could talk, Leo was called away by the Elders to open the Book of Shadows to a spell that would allow the sisters to travel to the future known as To Move Ahead in Time. The two shared a kiss and Leo orbed away before they were done.

The sisters immediately sought an answer in the Book of Shadows and went to the Attic where the found the Book opened to a two page spread; on one page was the spell to Move Ahead in Time and the other the Return Spell. Phoebe was hesitant to cast the spell but Prue told her that she had that premonition for a reason, it must mean that they're supposed to do something about it and going to the future might be the only way to find out what she did to put her on that pyre. Seated around a small table in the Attic, Phoebe wrote a date down on a piece of paper on which she'd like to arrive - two weeks before the date she on the newscast from her vision and with her sisters, she recited the spell as she burned the piece of paper. The sisters were then transported to the future where they found themselves asleep in their future bodies.

Taking Over Her Future Body[]

Prue found herself wearing a tight black leather dress in her office at Buckland's Auction House, which she was now the owner of, as well as three other Buckland's in New York, Paris and Tokyo and surprisingly, she was now a blonde. She quickly traveled to Halliwell Manor, in a limousine, nonetheless, with a hairstylist and clothier. Prue soon found Piper standing in the entrance of the Manor and had to tell the stylists to stop touching her. Prue told Piper of her discovery of being the owner of Buckland's as well as making a comment on her chaffeur, who she called "totally hot". Piper commented on Prue's blonde hair to which Prue flicked it and said it was strange. Piper then shared that she had a daughter to Prue's surprise but when Prue asked her what the girl's name was, Piper didn't know. Prue then realized it if the two of them were in their future bodies, it must mean that Phoebe is in hers; they then noticed on the television a news report about Phoebe being in prison and that she was to be executed in less tha eight hours.

Experiencing the Advancement of Her Powers[]

Prue and Piper then went to the Attic in search of the Book of Shadows but it wa no where to be found. Prue commented that they were now stuck in the future and expressed her frustration as she swung her hand activating an immensely powerful telekinetic blast that caused an explosion, blowing out an attic wall, exposing the outside. Shocked by it, the sisters looked around and Piper noticed a key adhered to the bottom of the stand they used for the Book. Prue looked at it and told Piper that it was the key to her office safe at Buckland's.

Encounter with Leo Wyatt and Finding the Book[]

The two sisters proceeded to Buckland's where as they approached the building, they made their way through an outdoor atrium but Piper noticed a man bump into a woman, spilling beverages so she raised her hands to freeze the couple but surprisingly everything in the vicinity froze, showing a great advancement in her freezing power like what had occurred with Prue's telekinetic power. Leo quickly emerged and as Piper went to embrace him, he angerily asked Piper what the hell she was doing and told her that she wasn't to use her powers in public because of the witch hunters. Piper asked what he was talking about as a woman appeared and scream "witch" and Prue pointed out posters that demanded "Rid the evil. Turn in witches". Piper's freeze became undone as everyone ran away in fear as the woman continued screaming "witch".

The sisters and Leo went to a secluded location where Prue explained they were from the future, but seeing Leo was hesitant to believe it, she grasped Leo's faced and kissed him as Prue stood watching in discomfort. Leo told her that she hadn't kissed him like that as Piper then said since "this morning, 1999". Leo then remembered that he was asked to open the Book to a spell that day and then informed the sisters of the current situation regarding magic and about Phoebe. He told them Phoebe used her power on a mortal named Cal Greene to punish him for brutalizing a dear friend. But then she was caught by Nathanial and he exposed her magic. They then told Leo to get Phoebe and bring her to the Manor where they would be waiting with the Book.

Anne and Displeasure with Her Future[]

As Phoebe was in a prison cell and confronted by Nathanial Pratt, leader of the crusade against witches, Prue and Piper went to Prue's office, where Prue's assistant, Anne, and Prue, curious to know if she was married in the future, asked Anne if her husband had called. Anne quickly responded "Husband. Good one. Like you have the time." And she then asked Prue for her final okay on an acquisition and explained to Piper that Prue was amazing and at first the board was a little resistant, what with the layoffs it would entail, but Prue pushed it through.

As Anne said that she thought the "to hell with the little people" part was particularily persuasive, Prue quickly asked her to leave as Anne told them if there was anything she could do, to simply buzz her. Prue then told Piper to look at her and said she is booked with work, about to lay off countless people with a flick of her pen, no man to speak of as Piper told her that maybe she was just picky. Prue then asked what happened to her but quickly turned her mind to the task at hand.

Finding the Book but No Return Spell[]

Prue removed a picture from the wall exposing her safe and she unlocked it and pulled out the Book of Shadows. Piper told her the spell should be after the demon with the tusk and before the spell to Discourage a Lover, but Prue flipped the pages and the Return Spell was no where to be seen. Prue said that the spell must have been used and Piper slammed the Book as she said they have no way of getting home.

Leo orbed to Phoebe and explained the situation to her and handed her a newspaper clipping about the incident triggering a premonition in which she saw what she did to Cal Greene. Leo then orbed away as Phoebe called out for him.

Prue Finds New Entries in the Book of Shadows[]

Now back at the Manor with the Book of Shadows, Prue flipped the pages of the Book of Shadows where she noticed certain spells with their corner edges folded down and some with baggies of potion attached. She noted that they were all new spells - to create a door, one to induce slumber, a glamour to change one's appearance, one to create money, to bend someone's will, to erase a memory, a binding spell. As Piper asked about the binding spell, Prue flipped the page and found a map. She looked at the map realizing it was all part of their future selves plan to break Phoebe out of prison. She explained that something was bothering her - a lot of the spells were for personal gain, Piper told her that that would break the most basic of Wiccan rules, something they wouldn't do. But Prue say that maybe they wouldn't, but their future selves might, in order to save Phoebe.

Leo then appeared and the sisters asked where Phoebe was, he told them that she was in prison where she belonged. Prue told him that he was supposed to bring her back there and that by leaving her in prison, he was signing her death warrant. Leo told them that Phoebe had to die in order to stop the persecutions, in order to create a safer world for their daughter Melinda. Prue told him "like hell" but Piper then froze Leo and told Prue to relax because they all seen what their powers could do in that time. Prue asked if Leo would stay frozen and Piper told her that he would, if he knows whats good for him. Prue then told her sister it was time to grab the spells and they made their way to the prison.

Prue's Displeasure with Her Future Self and Finding Phoebe[]

On the way, they stopped by Leo's house, where they saw Melinda and Prue intended to use the Binding Spell to bind Melinda's powers. Leo appeared and asked Piper if she could do it. Piper told him that she couldn't, their grandmother did it to them for protection but Leo told her she didn't have to do it to Melinda because he promised he would take care of her. Piper asked him if they were at all happy in the future, and he told her for a while before Piper told him to understand why they have to save Phoebe. Piper went back to their car, where she found Prue upset and asked her what was wrong.

Prue told her that she has no one to say goodbye to. No life. They didn't even know who she was at the office, her own sister and if they would die that night, the tombstone would read "Here lies Prue, she worked hard". Piper told her they weren't going to die, they were going to find a way back to the past and create a new future. Prue then asked what if they couldn't, what if they could never find a way back home because according to Phoebe's premonition, they fail. Piper told her that their future selves failed, that didn't mean that they would, they still have a shot. Prue then told Piper it was time to save Phoebe and proceeded to the prison.

As the guards in the prison handcuffed Phoebe and began walking her to the execution chamber, her sisters walked along a large concrete wall and Prue pulled out the spell to Create a Door. Piper drew a door on the wall with a piece of chalk and Prue recited the spell causing a door to open. They walked through it and it closed. Now in the prison, a guard appeared but Piper froze him and they continued making their way as instructed on the map but when they arrived at Phoebe's cell, she was gone.

Phoebe was then tied to a metal pole as Nathanial approached and said that he loved the smell of a burnt witch in the morning. Phoebe told him that at least she was paying for her crime, the day would come when he would have to pay for his. He then called Phoebe remorseless to the end as he spoke to the onlookers saying "Let today be a lesson to all those who would seek to defy human nature with their way of life. Let today serve notice that black magic will not be tolerated in our society and let today be remembered as the day we burned the witch." Prue and Piper then walked in and Piper froze the scene, preventing the flame from igniting as Prue told her to freeze the room.

Phoebe Refuses to Be Saved[]

Prue untied Phoebe but surprisingly Phoebe told her to stop, that they needed to leave because she deserved to be there, or her future self did. Piper told her not to be ridiculous, she killed a killer as Prue said "This is Pratt's personal crusade. This isn't about us, this is about him. Where ever we go, he will follow us. He will hunt us. He will hunt our families. If anybody should be punished, it should be him." As Prue readied to use her power on Nathanial and raised her hand, Phoebe grabbed it and asked what she was doing. She told Phoebe that she was saving future good witches and their future but Phoebe told her to wait and said "Don't become a murderer too, it has to end with me."

Piper told Phoebe that Cal was evil, he deserved to die but Phoebe began to cry as she told her sisters "The wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing. Our job is to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. And I crossed that line, I know that. And now you guys have to know that too." Prue told her that they weren't leaving without her but Phoebe said " Prue, we were sent here for a reason. Maybe not to stop this like we thought. But maybe to understand why this has to happen. Why you have to let this happen. I don't want to die. But I don't want you to die because of me." The three sisters hugged as Phoebe said "I love you."

Phoebe then stood next at the pole and signaled Piper to unfreeze the room. With tears running down her face, Piper did as Phoebe wanted. Prue and Piper embraced and wept as the flames consumed Phoebe as she screamed.

Return to the Present[]

Suddenly, time reversed and Prue and Piper found themselves back in the Manor in 1999. Piper asked Prue what they were doing back there, whereever there was. Piper called out for Phoebe as she asked Prue if she thought Phoebe was dead because they saw the flames consume her. Prue asked God for it not to be true as Phoebe walked into the room. The sisters hugged as Prue told her they thought they lost her. Phoebe told them they did lose her, she could feel the flames on her skin and then the next thing she knew, she was back in the Manor. Prue told her that she was safe, that she was home. Piper asked home but when as she then turned the television on and the news cast that triggered Phoebe's premonition came on. Phoebe told her sisters they were back where they started, the day they cast the spell.

Phoebe's Words of Wisdom[]

Piper asked why they were back at that time as Prue explained, "Maybe because it worked. We were sent into the future to find out what Phoebe did. We came back to stop it from happening." Piper said that they didn't have a spell to send them back to which Phoebe responded that maybe "they" sent them back. Piper was still unsure why they were sent back as a dog began barking outside. They looked out the window and saw it was the man and his dog. Prue said not again and Piper said that he still hadn't learned his lesson. Phoebe told them "Apparently neither have we. I think this is why we were sent back here to this moment in time. This is where it all started. The first time we used our magic for revenge." Piper noted that it was just a little thing, that it was harmless. But Phoebe told her that once they break the small rules, it's only a matter of time before they break the big ones. Prue then said "A very smart girl once told me that we were supposed to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty." Phoebe said that she hadn't said that yet as Prue noticed that the man was Nathanial Pratt.

Piper asked her sisters if they should follow him but Phoebe told her no because they're act of revenge could be what set Nathanial down the path of his own as Prue said it may be what caused Nathanial to start the witch trials. Phoebe told them that hopefully now he won't as Piper suggested they still keep an eye on him. Prue responded "Absolutely".

Later that day, Phoebe went to Prue and asked her what was up as Prue told her "Not work. There is no way I am going to the office tonight. I'm going out with you guys. We all have a lot of changes to make if we want to avoid ending up where we just came from." Piper then mentioned how Prue was like "Miss Fortune 500" in the future and that she had a little girl. Prue then said "We can still make the good things happen, Piper. We just have to make the right choices."


Images from the TV Show[]

Illustration by Tess Fowler[]

As a warm up for her work in issue 19, Crossed, Triple-Crossed, Tess Fowler, an artist for the comic series, drew Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell/Wyatt.