Prue Halliwell's Leather Jacket
Prue LeatherJacket2
Prue wearing the jacket in 1999
Basic Information
Relevance When Prue died, Piper put the jacket on symbolizing her new role as eldest sister & leader of the Charmed Ones.
Physical Information
Color Black
Material Leather with silk lining

This article of clothing was owned by Prue Halliwell, a Charmed One and member of the Warren Line of witches who was tragically murdered in Halliwell Manor by the Source of All Evil's personal demonic assassin, the infamous Shax.

Channeling Telekinesis Through the Hands

The most notable instance when Prue wore the jacket was in 1999 on the day she learned she could channel her Telekinetic power through her hands, not only her eyes when a young boy was kidnapped by a demon known as a Grimlock. On this day, she was also discovered as a witch by a mortal named Eric Lohman, who threatened to expose her secret if Prue didn't reveal her power to him in an interview.

Mourning Prue

After Prue's death, Piper Halliwell sat in Prue's old bedroom looking at the jacket contemplating putting it on and remembering everything that happened, she then got up and placed the jacket on symbolizing her new role as the eldest sister and leader of the Charmed Ones.