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The Raptor just before attacking Tim

Low-level demons that can be identified by their large stature and black ninja-like garments, a Raptor Demon is a hired assassin that will track down and eliminate anyone they are asked to take out. The Raptor possesses the power of Teleportation via Shredding, Hyper Speed and wields razor sharp blades that it uses to disable and kill a victim.

Attacking Tim Cross[]

While Phoebe Halliwell sought the help of a young man that she went to college with known as Tim Cross,


The demon slashes Tim

the Raptor Demon materialized as Phoebe and Tim were talking. Tim was initially stunned by the demon but before he or Phoebe could react, the demon used its power of Speed to rush over to Tim and he gashed the innocent young man across the face with his sharp blades, killing Tim instantly. Phoebe defended herself against the demon and vanquished him by causing him to fall onto a large pole like object.

The Book of Shadows[]

After the Raptor attacked Tim, Phoebe returned to Halliwell Manor where she found an entry in the Book of Shadows regarding the demon that attacked. She discovered it was the Raptor Demon. The entry reads thus:


The entry in the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows

Raptor Demon
Raptor Demons are hired assassins that take out
anyone they are hired to kill. These powerful demons
use razor sharp blades to attack their victims. Raptors
may be vanquished with the following potion:

2 Thornapple Leaves
A pinch of Fennel Seeds
Mandrake Root
Witch Hazel