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Red Skinned Devil
9x05-Horned Demon
The Demon in the Underworld
Also Known As
The Horned Demon
Magical Attributes
Species Demon
Breed Unknown
Powers Unknown
Loyalty Evil

Unnatural Resources

The Heir Up There

The Red Skinned Devil is a demon with devilish horns a top it's forehead and yellow eyes, this evil being has a muscular upper body that matched a regular human being but it had the lower body reminiscent of legs found on a hoofed animal; he also had a short tail.

Although it's name is unknown, it appears he was either a leader of a group of demons or had some sort of authoritative power in the hierarchy of demons. It's powers and capabilities remain unknown at this time.

The demon appeared when Neena was plotting to unite all evil in the Underworld by casting a spell that would distribute the recently vanquished Source of All Evil's powers amongst all demons and evil magical beings. The demon wondered what made Neena think that it and other demons would follow her anyway and it wasn't even sure what Neena was exactly, saying "What makes you think we'll follow a Warlock, or a ... a .... what are you anyway?" Neena later responded "wouldn't you like to know?".

He resurfaced in 2008 and teamed up with Neena and her Darklighter partner Rennek to annihilate a Vampire Queen.


  • The name Red Skinned Devil is a conjectural title; the demon's name was never given in the comic series.