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Character Information
Appearance Charmed Comics Volume 1, Charmed Comics Volume 2 and 3
Species Darklighter
Relevance Nemesis of Leo Wyatt
Physical Information
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Skin Color White

An incredibly powerful Darklighter and witch killer, Rennek did battle with the former Whitelighter of the Charmed Ones' and the husband of Piper Halliwell, Leo Wyatt. Surprisingly atypical of Darklighters, Rennek targeted witches rather than Whitelighters.

A Mysterious Past with Leo

Rennek 2

Leo and Rennek Battle it Out

Over a quarter of a century ago, Leo fought this high-level Darklighter trying to destroy him many times throughout the years. Rennek targeted and killed multiple witch practitioners but after a long battle ensued, Leo successfully defeated Rennek and was rewarded by the Elders for this feat; Leo became the Whitelighter to the Charmed Ones.

An Even More Mysterious Resurface

In 2008, Rennek resurfaced in San Francisco, possibly via being summoned from the dead by his partner, Neena. It is unknown how the two met or if Neena somehow summoned the spirit and body of Rennek like she did with the essence of the Source of All Evil. Now, in our time, the two have partnered up in an attempt to desecrate and decimate

Rennek 3

Whitelighters in order to gain the power of Orbing.

Rennek surprisingly knows the true identity of Neena, unlike most other evil magical beings in the Underworld. Rennek reveals that he new Neena when she went by the name Isabel centuries ago; Isabel was a friend of Charlotte Warren, the mother of the Halliwell sisters great, great, great, great, great grandmother Melinda Warren. He also states he knew Neena when she went by the name Victoria as well.

Rennek then attacked a group of Elders on Golden Gate Bridge and shot Kyle Brody with one of his poison tip arrows as Neena held him to the ground, killing him.

Rennek 1

Rennek with Crossbow

Rennek's Powers and Weapons

Like most Darklighters, Rennek carries a crossbow that fires poisonous arrows lethal to Whitelighters which he is able to summon via the power of Apportation. He also possesses Super Strength, which makes him highly unconquerable.


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