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Saleel, a Reptile Demon

A breed of Demon that bear resemblance to or characteristics of reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles, alligators, chameleons, lizards, etc., Reptile Demons tend to be very elusive and take on personality traits of the class of reptile they belong to.


This Low-Level Reptile Demon uses constrictor like methods to kill his prey similar to the method by which snakes attack and restrain their prey. In addition, Saleel has eyes that are reminiscent of snakes and possesses a snake-like tongue.


Chameleons are Reptile Demons that possess the ability to shapeshift into anything they wish, masking their true appearance in order to blend into their surroundings. A notable Chameleon Demon is Alastair, a high ranking demon that was hired by the Source of All Evil to eavesdrop on the Charmed Ones by blending into the environment found within Halliwell Manor, in order to launch a successful attack on them. Alastair was found out and vanquished.